Nordson ASYMTEK Introduces SC-350 Select Coat Spray Applicator

Nordson ASYMTEK has introduced the Select Coat SC-350 Select Spray applicator for conformal coating applications. The SC-350 is designed to deliver edge definition and uniform coating thickness at high speeds while accommodating a range of fluid viscosities. The edge definition and control of the spray maintain tight keep-out zones and enable thin film builds, which are critical in automotive and mobile electronics device manufacturing and assembly.

The SC-350 is ideal for applications that require precise edge definition and uniform passes for 100% solids as well as solvent-based materials. An airflow extension optimizes atomization of high-viscosity materials, such as silicones, acrylics, and urethanes, and reduces the “cobwebbing effect” that occurs when coating materials cure in air. Viscosities ranging from 30 cps to more than 3500 cps can be handled while reducing solvent use.

The SC-350 applicator is designed for use with the Nordson ASYMTEK SL-940 conformal coating system. The applicator supports the Four-Position Tilt accessory that features the standard vertical position and tilts the applicator at 30 degrees in four positions to spray all four sides of a part and areas not accessible from the standard vertical orientation. It also adapts to the Dual-Simultaneous configuration that reduces process time by 50%.

The SC-350 applicator is also designed to be easy to clean and maintain, with minimal wetted parts, smooth internal surfaces, and exposed splines.

For more information, visit Nordson ASYMTEK website.

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