News Submittal Guidelines

  1. Send graphics files with your news. We welcome graphics. We can handle most common graphic formats. Please include captions with your graphics.
  2. Understand that TenLinks reserves the right to edit the news or press release or not use it at all.
  3. Please take care with terms such as “releases,” “ships,” “introduces,” etc. Much of our news deals with software updates and new products. In order to prevent confusion, TenLinks has adopted the following definitions:
    1. Releases: Product is generally available to its intended user base.
      • Same as: shipsoffers
      • Examples:
        1. XYZ Releases AcmeCAD v13 in Japanese.
        2. ABC Offers BestFEA Parts Library
    2. Introduces: Product is shown or described but not yet generally available.
      • Same as: debutspreviewsplans, launches
      • Examples:
        1. XYZ to Introduce AcmeCAD at CADSHOW 2004
        2. ABC Plans Summer Release of BestFEA
  4. Don’t send news through regular mail — it is just too slow.
  5. Please don’t send PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files.
  6. Don’t just send us a URL. We prefer to host the news on our site.
  7. Please don’t send embargoed news. Usually, if we get news, we post it. We are not in the habit of storing news for later delivery. With our daily deadline, embargoed news runs the risk of being sent out prematurely or forgotten.
  8. Avoid long headlines. TenLinks will typically shorten or rewrite the headline and subhead. Our headline limit is 59 characters (including spaces).
  9. Please avoid superlatives such as bestnumber 1leading, fastest, etc. Such claims can be hard to verify and therefore are usually omitted.
  10. Don’t send multiple press releases about the same news. Sending the same press release to us multiple times risks confusing our readers as well as hurts the credibility of your company. If you’d like to highlight different aspects about your products or services, please do it all in one press release rather than with follow-on releases. TenLinks may append follow-on releases to the original press release without mentioning them in the daily news.
  11. Don’t confuse press releases with advertising. Press releases introducing products long before shipment, notices of price cuts and “me, too” notices about trade show appearances tend to not be viewed as hard news by our readers and will be deemphasized, if used at all.

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