Corman Selects Aras Innovator for Digital Transformation

ANDOVER, MA, June 9, 2023 – Aras, which provides the most powerful low-code platform with applications to design, build, and operate complex products, announced that Corman has selected Aras Innovator to enhance its manufacturing, distribution, and sales activities. Corman is one of the largest global manufacturers of medical devices and personal care products.

For over 70 years, Corman has been committed to innovation and research in their space. As the company has grown, it has sought new ways to ensure speedy development of safe and effective solutions for the health and well-being of millions of customers worldwide. Corman has also made sustainable practices part of its core by implementing measures that promote more efficient and environmentally friendly management of consumption. They use renewable raw and biodegradable materials, installed a solar system to generate energy, and collaborate with suppliers who comply with the rules regulations around sustainability to reduce risk.

As the company has grown in size and complexity, it needed a new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that could guarantee more effective management of its data. The company’s existing systems could no longer handle the massive amount of data it was grappling with, so it started a search for a more advanced and scalable solution.

Corman selected Aras Innovator, giving it high marks for its intuitive user-friendly interface and overall ease of use. After conducting a feasibility study to assess how Aras Innovator would meet the company’s needs, Corman has moved forward with an implementation project. Using Aras Innovator, Corman expects to quickly achieve significant increases in process efficiency and organization. Aras Innovator gives Corman one platform for complete, end-to-end product lifecycle management, spanning requirements and engineering to manufacturing and operation.

Luigi Salerno, country manager, Aras Italy, said: “We are proud to accompany Corman in this important process of implementing the product lifecycle management platform. This represents a significant step towards a more efficient organization, which improves process management and allows greater traceability of crucial information.”

Adriano Vitale, process R&D manager, Corman, said: “I am extremely happy to announce that Corman has adopted Aras’ PLM platform. This decision represents an important step forward for our company, allowing us to optimize product lifecycle management processes and improve internal collaboration. We are excited to use Aras to increase operational efficiency, provide greater visibility and control over our products, and drive continuous innovation. I am confident that the adoption of this platform will contribute to our long-term success and position us advantageously in the competitive market in which we operate.”

About Corman

Corman manufactures and distributes drugs, medical devices, and personal care products in Italy and in over 40 countries worldwide. Independent and private, thanks to the skills acquired in over 70 years of research, it develops solutions and answers to improve the quality of life of patients in the therapeutic areas where it is present. Together with international partners, it designs products, services and training activities for all the figures involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain. It studies, manufactures, and distributes absorbency products made using natural raw materials, such as cotton. The products are clinically tested and certified to meet the needs of the most sensitive skin and the environment. The headquarters are in Milan, Italy and operates with branches in Europe, the United States and China.

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About Aras

Aras provides the most powerful low-code platform with applications to design, build, and operate complex products. Its technology enables the rapid delivery of flexible, upgradeable solutions that build business resilience. Aras’ platform and product lifecycle management applications connect users in all disciplines and functions to critical product data and processes across the lifecycle and throughout the extended supply chain. Airbus, Audi, DENSO, Honda, Kawasaki, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, and Nissan are using the platform to manage complex change and traceability.

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Heilind Gets OMRON 2022 Electronic Distributor of the Year

WILMINGTON, MA, June 9, 2023 – Heilind Electronics (Heilind), a leading global distributor of electronic components and authorized distributor for OMRON, received the company’s prestigious FY 2022 Distributor of the Year – Electronic award at the 2023 EDS Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, NV.

Members of both OMRON and Heilind together at EDS 2023

OMRON seeks to contribute to the development of society with the creation of advanced industrial automation, device & module solutions, social systems, services, and healthcare. Heilind received the award for fiscal year 2022 sales achievements, growth, development, and partnership in reaching these goals.

In recognition of Heilind’s achievement, a $5000 donation is to be made to Feed My Starving Children. The award and donation are part of OMRON’s ongoing mission, “To improve lives and contribute to a better society.”

“All of us at Heilind are honored to be the recipients of this award from the OMRON team,” said Alan Clapp, senior vice president at Heilind. Clapp continued, “This award recognizes Heilind’s excellence in supporting our supplier partners and the dedication of our employees that work alongside them.”

Heilind is a leading global distributor of electronic components and authorized distributor for OMRON. OMRON’s advanced electronic components including relays and sensors suites are available at Heilind Electronics.

About Heilind

Heilind Electronics, Inc. is one of the world’s leading distributors of connectors, relays, sensors, switches, thermal management and circuit protection products, terminal blocks, wire and cable, wiring accessories and insulation and identification products. Founded in 1974, Heilind has locations throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

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About Omron

Omron Electronic Components is a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced electronic components. Extensive product groups include relays, switches, connectors, MEMS flow sensors, pressure sensors, thermal IR sensors, optical sensors and facial detection/recognition components. Omron’s broad product offering can be found in industries such as smart home, building automation, power equipment, e-sports & gaming, test and measurement, factory automation and energy.

Triastek Wins 2023 TCT Best 3D Printed Tech in Healthcare Award

NANJING, China, June 9, 2023 – Triastek, Inc., a global healthcare company developing medicines with proprietary, pioneering 3D printing technology, today announced they have won the 2023 TCT Award for Best 3D Printed Technology in Healthcare, making it the first pharmaceutical company winning this award. There were 140 entries across the globe submitted for the awards. Over 200 people attended the awards ceremony in Birmingham, UK.

TCT Healthcare Application Award for Best 3D Printed Technology in Healthcare

TCT Awards provide recognition for innovators whose ideas help propel advancement of Additive Manufacturing. The TCT Awards is an annual celebration of outstanding innovations and applications of 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing technologies from across the globe. Launched in 2017, the awards celebrate the innovative hardware, software, materials and post-processing technologies that have been developed over the past year. Additionally commended are the incredible applications of these technologies across industry verticals including aerospace, defense, automotive, rail, consumer products, industrial products, healthcare, and the creative industries. Entries are judged by over twenty independent industry experts using a robust set of judging criteria.

The European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer commented Triastek in its May/June issue’s cover story, “The implications of Triastek’s technology, laced with the company’s ambitious vision, could potentially bring to light a technological shift that has been promised for a number of years. This shift promises not just enhancements to production efficiency, but also provides fresh solutions to complex drug delivery conundrums.”

One of the TCT Awards’ expert judging panel noted, “It is great to see this concept coming to fruition as it has been talked about for many years. The productivity of this process along with the use of FDA-approved materials is very impressive.”

“We are proud to be recognized among some of the most prominent companies with innovative 3D printing solutions for our Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED) 3D printing technology, which we believe has the potential to transform the pharmaceutical industry,” said Dr. Senping Cheng, founder and CEO of Triastek.” We thank TCT for honoring Triastek with this prestigious award. Our commitment to innovative endeavors remains steadfast as we strive to advance the industry towards digital product development and intelligent manufacturing.”

About Triastek

Triastek, Inc. is a global healthcare company, developing medicines with proprietary, pioneering 3D printing technology. Triastek is dedicated to revolutionizing the delivery, development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products by unlocking the next generation of medicine through the use of 3D printing technology. Its state-of-the-art technology, called Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED), facilitates the development of medicines with complex structures to enable controlled and precise release of treatments. Since 2021, three products independently developed by Triastek, T19, T20 and T21, have successfully obtained clinical trial approval (IND) from the US FDA.

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About Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED)

Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED) 3D printing is an additive manufacturing, end-to-end technology that continuously converts powder feedstocks into softened/molten states followed by precise layer-by-layer deposition to produce objects with well-designed geometric structures. This optimized product design helps control when, where and how much medicine is released in the gastrointestinal tract, ensuring a more targeted and efficacious drug delivery. MED technology can be used to design and develop new chemical entities (NCE) as well as highly differentiated lifecycle management products for unmet medical and clinical needs.

About TCT Group

Rapid News Publications Ltd, the owner of the TCT Group, has been a leading authority in additive manufacturing, 3D printing, design and engineering technology for 30 years. The organization hosts live events and has an all-encompassing media portfolio that delivers business critical intelligence, connecting the additive community across Europe, North America and Asia. By focusing on cutting-edge applications, expert analysis and commentary, TCT Group helps designers, engineers and buyers evaluate, adopt and optimise their additive requirements. The company’s mission goes beyond simply raising awareness; it is focused on developing a 360-degree understanding of the potential of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology to increase utilisation at all stages of design, engineering and manufacturing.

Shapeways, Microsoft Win 2023 TCT Award

Shapeways, Inc., has been chosen with Microsoft, as the winner of the 2023 TCT Awards in the category of Consumer Product Applications. This award recognizes the innovative Shapeways Configurator for Microsoft Adaptive Accessories.

Designed to expand accessibility and inclusivity for technology users, the Shapeways Configurator simplifies the process of customizing 3D printed add-ons for Microsoft Adaptive Accessories. These products empower those who may find using a conventional mouse and keyboard challenging.

The Shapeways Configurator makes it possible for technology users to customize their Microsoft Adaptive Accessories add-ons, improving functionality and fit. TCT’s recognition of this product underscores the importance of collaborative design and 3D printing for accessibility and inclusivity in technology.

Among a field of exceptional finalists, each presenting inspiring projects and significant contributions to additive manufacturing, Shapeways and Microsoft are honored to receive this award and extend their greatest thanks to the TCT Awards Committee.

About Shapeways

Shapeways is the large and fast-growing digital manufacturing industry combining high quality, flexible on-demand manufacturing powered by purpose-built proprietary software which enables customers to rapidly transform digital designs into physical products, globally. Shapeways makes industrial-grade additive manufacturing accessible by fully digitizing the end-to-end manufacturing process, and by providing a broad range of solutions using 12 additive manufacturing technologies and more than 120 materials and finishes, with the ability to easily scale new innovation. To date, Shapeways has delivered over 24 million parts to over one million customers in over 180 countries.

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PTC, Rockwell Expand Partnership for IoT, AR

PTC and Rockwell Automation announced an extension of their relationship, focused on the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR) software by manufacturing companies. Rockwell Automation will continue to resell PTC’s ThingWorx IoT software, including the Digital Performance Management (DPM) manufacturing solution, and Vuforia AR software to new and existing customers across discrete and process manufacturing verticals. Customers will continue to benefit from both companies’ resources, technologies, and industry expertise.

Rockwell Automation was a Pinnacle Sponsor of PTC’s LiveWorx event that took place May 15-18 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Rockwell Automation demonstrated its manufacturing solutions on the Xtropolis show floor and presented at various breakout sessions. PTC will exhibit at Rockwell’s Automation Fair, November 6-9, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, showing the latest in manufacturing technologies and augmented reality.

About PTC

PTC enables global manufacturers to realize double-digit impact with software solutions that enable them to accelerate product and service innovation, improve operational efficiency, and increase workforce productivity. In combination with an extensive partner network, PTC provides customers flexibility in how its technology can be deployed to drive digital transformation – on premises, in the cloud, or via its pure SaaS platform.

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About Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation, Inc., is a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation. They connect the imaginations of people with the potential of technology to expand what is humanly possible, making the world more productive and more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, Rockwell Automation employs approximately 28,000 problem solvers dedicated to our customers in more than 100 countries.

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Matterport Partners with CompuSoluciones

SUNNYVALE, CA, June 9, 2023 – Matterport, Inc., announced that it is significantly expanding its presence in Latin America, partnering with CompuSoluciones, one of the largest value-added distributors (VAD) of technology in the region, as a key distributor of Matterport’s digital twin technologies in Mexico and Colombia.

For nearly 40 years, CompuSoluciones has partnered with the world’s leading international technology brands, including some of the largest solution providers servicing architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), facilities management, and manufacturing. Through its network of more than 2,000 resellers, CompuSoluciones provides the world’s premier information technologies (IT) and consulting services spanning cloud, SaaS and other services to a vast array of industries out of its headquarters in Mexico.

Latin America is one of the largest property markets in the world. According to the NAIOP, Mexico’s industrial market alone encompasses more than 900 million square feet of building space across all product types, including manufacturing, with total industrial space in construction reaching a historic level of 43 million square feet in 2022.

Through this agreement, CompuSoluciones’ sales teams will offer Matterport’s industry-leading digital twin platform, as well as the Pro3 and Pro2 cameras, to enterprises and SMBs in Mexico and Colombia. Providing solutions across space planning, progress monitoring, quality management and facilities management, CompuSoluciones’ vast reseller network will now be able to offer Matterport’s immersive, photo-realistic digital twins to their customers to help them operate more efficiently from wherever they are in the world.

CompuSoluciones’ customers will also have access to Matterport’s vast suite of more than 200 partner integrations, including those with Autodesk Construction Cloud, supporting CompuSoluciones’ customer retention and the overall customer experience, while fueling growth for Matterport’s business in the regions.

“Having Matterport in our portfolio will allow us to meet the demand for 3D digital twins that is growing exponentially in the region,” said José Luis Cortés, commercial director of CompuSoluciones. “Complementary solutions such as Matterport’s integrations with Autodesk will provide CompuSoluciones’ associated resellers an opportunity to capture greater value within their portfolio, while supporting end-user clients competitiveness in the market through improved productivity, collaboration and innovation.”

“As one of the leading IT distributors in the region, CompuSoluciones is well positioned to drive adoption of Matterport’s solutions in two of the largest property markets in the region, Mexico and Colombia,” said Jay Remley, chief revenue officer, Matterport. “Matterport is a globally recognized solution for immersive remote collaboration, and with CompuSoluciones, we will deliver Matterport’s value to even more regions around the world.”

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About Matterport

Matterport, Inc. is leading the digital transformation of the built world. Their groundbreaking spatial data platform turns buildings into data to make nearly every space more valuable and accessible. Millions of buildings in more than 177 countries have been transformed into immersive Matterport digital twins to improve every part of the building lifecycle from planning, construction, and operations to documentation, appraisal and marketing.

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Corstorphine & Wright Selects Ideate Software Tools

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 9, 2023 – When Corstorphine & Wright, an architectural practice with design studios across the United Kingdom, hired a new head of digital, it learned of the time savings possible with tools from Ideate Software, an Autodesk AEC industry partner and Autodesk authorized developer.

Neil Carter, head of digital at Corstorphine & Wright, said, “When I joined Corstorphine & Wright in April of 2022, I brought along experience with Ideate Software tools that I used in my previous role. I had used Ideate Explorer to keep models performing effectively by finding and deleting unused elements and fixing Revit warnings. I had used Ideate BIMLink to export data from Revit to Excel for editing as well as to create unplaced rooms, unplaced spaces, sheets, masses, and areas.”

After talking with a representative from Ideate Software, the company decided on a three-year bundle subscription that includes:

  • Ideate Explorer for access to all elements, even those excluded from the Revit browser
  • Ideate BIMLink to pull data from a Revit model into Microsoft Excel for editing, and then push volumes of updated data back into the model
  • Ideate Sticky to link Microsoft Word and Excel as well as PDF documents to Revit projects
  • IdeateApps to streamline the tasks that Revit users perform most often
  • Ideate StyleManager to easily analyze, delete, and merge non-standard styles

They also subscribed to Ideate Automation, a scripting solution that runs time-intensive BIM tasks in the background.

Neil continued, “The value of each of the tools was clear, and access to all of them would enable our architects to quickly get through so many different tedious data management tasks that historically have taken a lot of time.”

Read Spotlight on Corstorphine & Wright.

Visit to learn how Ideate Software add-ins for Revit help users save time, increase model accuracy, improve deliverables, and elevate design. Give them a try by downloading trial versions or purchasing the bundle for access to Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Explorer, Ideate Sticky, IdeateApps, and Ideate StyleManager for six months.

About Ideate Software

Ideate Software, an Autodesk AEC industry partner and Autodesk authorized developer, empowers Revit users to gain unprecedented control over their data. They developed Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Explorer, Ideate Sticky, IdeateApps, and Ideate StyleManager to solve persistent problems in architecture, engineering, and construction, and owner-operator (AECO) workflows. They developed Ideate Automation to boost the power of their Revit plugins by running time-intensive activities in the background.

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Stantec to Acquire Environmental Systems Design

EDMONTON, Canada; NEW YORK, NY and CHICAGO, IL, June 9, 2023 – Stantec, a global leader in sustainable design and engineering, has signed an agreement to acquire Environmental Systems Design, Inc. (ESD), a 270-person engineering firm headquartered in Chicago. Founded in 1967, ESD has built a reputation for excellence and innovation in high-performance design with a roster of industry-leading clients. The terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

Interior office space seating area with views to the cityscape

The acquisition of ESD significantly deepens Stantec’s expertise in mission critical facilities and data center design. Mission critical facilities represent a rapidly growing segment of purpose-built infrastructure that require an increased level of reliability. These facilities—spanning nearly every major industry—are designed to maintain building infrastructure, emergency dispatch, data storage, or other critical functions in the face of inclement weather and utility outages. Data centers, such as hyperscale facilities, require special, resilient design considerations developed by uniquely qualified teams with regular exposure to the evolving needs of large-scale companies.

The acquisition of ESD expands Stantec’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) and structural engineering practice by 40 percent in the US. These added resources significantly deepen the firm’s smart building engineering capabilities that support the workplace of the future and the emerging trends of decarbonization, building repositioning, and adaptive reuse.

“Merging talent with ESD positions Stantec as one of the top integrated design firms in the US market,” said Leonard Castro, executive vice president and business operating unit leader for Buildings at Stantec. “Our expanded services in data center, smart building design, and high-performance buildings will offer our clients the flexible and stable facilities that meet their operational needs into the future.”

“Stantec is a top-tier firm that shares our vision to improve society through the built environment,” said Raj Gupta, executive chairman at ESD. “ESD has increased the depth and breadth of its services in recent years. Joining Stantec expands our offering globally and creates exceptional career growth opportunities for our employees.”

Critical Project Experience

ESD provides data center design services for several industry-leading technology clients. ESD was recently retained by a confidential client to provide peer review and hyperscale data center design services and subsequently engaged in multiple hyperscale data centers on its behalf across the US. Hyperscale campus developments scale from a single 500,000 square foot (20 to 30 megawatts capacity) facility to multiple facilities spanning several million square feet (300+ megawatts capacity). Multiple sites throughout the country share a baseline design with local adaptations and are designed for efficient phased buildouts without interruption to live facilities.

Additional projects in ESD’s portfolio include

  • MEP and mission critical engineering for the United Airlines Network Operations Center in Chicago, a vital component of the airline’s day-to-day operations. Building Information Modeling (BIM) was used to route new systems through the existing structure and around existing systems. ESD worked closely with the City of Chicago and provided specialized consulting services in the areas of electrical and fire alarm codes to provide a unique furniture wiring design that met all of United’s needs.
  • MEP and fire protection engineering for the 1,400,000-square-foot expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the largest convention centers in the world. The new West Hall includes 600,000 square feet of flexible exhibition spaces with multiple infrastructure services including a variety of electrical power voltages and capacities, telecommunications, water and drainage, and natural gas. Ancillary program and support spaces include a concourse, meeting rooms, lobbies, and café/kitchen space.
  • MEP and fire protection engineering and energy modeling for Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital in Illinois. The 201-bed hospital was designed to meet future demand and modeled to achieve LEED Silver Certification. Energy conservation measures included optimizing the thermal performance of the façade while balancing the solar heat gain of the glass, external shading techniques, LED lighting, and more. ESD also reduced water-fixture use by 20 percent and domestic hot water usage by 26 percent.

Stantec has three existing offices in Chicago, for a total of five in Illinois. With a large concentration of employees in Chicago, ESD also has offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Phoenix. The acquisition will grow Stantec’s presence in Chicago to nearly 600 and to more than 2,050 in the broader US North Central region, which covers 12 states.

The acquisition is expected to close on June 30, 2023.

About Stantec

Communities are fundamental. Whether around the corner or across the globe, they provide a foundation, a sense of place and of belonging. That’s why at Stantec, they always design with community in mind.

Stantec designers, engineers, scientists, and project managers, innovating together at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. Balancing these priorities results in projects that advance the quality of life in communities across the globe.

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OpenSpace BIM+ Launched for Field, VDC Teams

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 9, 2023 – OpenSpace, the global leader in 360° reality capture and AI-powered analytics, introduced OpenSpace BIM+, a suite of easy-to-use 3D tools that helps field teams and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) teams get work done faster by unlocking BIM coordination on the jobsite. Announced at its Waypoint customer conference, this is the third product from OpenSpace that uses cutting-edge technology to empower project teams to get things done faster, together. OpenSpace Capture, introduced in 2018, is used to fully document construction sites in over 93 countries, and OpenSpace Track, introduced in 2021, automatically quantifies progress on those sites. OpenSpace BIM+ adds to this portfolio with tools that accelerate BIM and field coordination workflows.

Click here to view OpenSpace BIM+ product – BIM Element Overlay feature.

Working in both 2D drawings and 3D models is not new to OpenSpace customers. The popular BIM Compare feature in OpenSpace Capture allows field teams to navigate and compare site conditions to the project’s BIM, with the model fully aligned to the OpenSpace 360° capture. Last quarter, OpenSpace observed more than half its customers using this feature, and they represented the most active OpenSpace customers.

“We recognized that many of our customers were seeking more powerful, yet easy-to-use BIM tools from OpenSpace,” shared Neel Sheth, vice president of product at OpenSpace. “Our customers’ BIM usage in OpenSpace was outpacing the industry’s overall rate of BIM adoption. That told us that OpenSpace might be able to help drive BIM utilization for those teams that are adopting and investing in BIM. With OpenSpace BIM+, we have partnered with VDC leaders and their project teams to help them work with BIM as easily as navigating a Google Street View.”

OpenSpace BIM+ is an add-on product to its popular OpenSpace Capture product, with the following capabilities:

  1. BIM analysis tools: Navigating and analyzing BIM in the field often requires the time and expertise of a VDC manager. OpenSpace BIM+ analysis tools speed up this communication by allowing field teams to easily work in the BIM and compare that to what they are building. Any project team member can click and navigate to saved views in the BIM, review model elements overlayed within the 360° photos, and access the model from any iPhone, iPad, or Android device when offline. Point cloud data can also now be stored, viewed, analyzed, and shared in OpenSpace from mobile and terrestrial laser scanners and OpenSpace’s 3D Scan feature, bringing reality capture data to one central location.
  2. BIM coordination tools: Construction projects require tremendous coordination and OpenSpace BIM+ includes features designed to help teams quickly solve problems by aligning design intent with on-site conditions to speed up responses, approvals, and project schedules. OpenSpace Capture’s popular field note feature is now part of BIM workflows with OpenSpace BIM+, allowing field teams to add detailed images and notes during site walks or back at their desks. BCF file export is also included, enabling streamlined workflows with leading BIM coordination tools like Revizto, Navisworks, and BIM Track.
  3. Seamless model management: Keeping the BIM model up-to-date can help to streamline the design and construction process, as it ensures that everyone has access to the most current information. OpenSpace BIM+ makes it easy to manage updates to the BIM with Autodesk model import, support for multiple models, and model usage reporting.

While BIM has gained widespread adoption among design and engineering professionals, its use in the field has been limited, partly due to the complexity and skills required to navigate and understand the building information model.

“With the implementation of OpenSpace BIM+, our project teams will gain the ability to swiftly address inquiries directly from the field, significantly minimizing the time-consuming exchanges they encounter while resolving challenges,” explained Breawn Felix, regional support services manager at Swinerton. Mrs. Felix plans to measure the time savings OpenSpace BIM+ can provide to her field teams during OpenSpace’s early access program, which kicks off next quarter.

For further details on OpenSpace BIM+ and to sign up for the early access program, visit OpenSpace’s BIM+ website or talk with an OpenSpace representative.

About OpenSpace

OpenSpace, the global leader in reality capture and AI-powered analytics, empowers construction and real estate companies of every size to create an interactive 360° digital view of their built environment. Customers have used OpenSpace to operate more efficiently and reduce risk, capturing more than 17 billion square feet of imagery from construction projects across thousands of sites in more than 93 countries.

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