ProtoTech Releases Egnyte Plug-in for AutoCAD

PUNE, India, May 24, 2018 – ProtoTech Solutions releases a plug-in which integrates AutoCAD with Egnyte to give users a new way of maintaining version control and ownership without compromising experience. Egnyte AutoCAD plug-in allows users to save their AutoCAD files directly into Egnyte account, so user never have to worry about which file to send or share. And all files stored in Egnyte are protected by security and governance policies, so they’ll always be safe.

For the last three decades, AutoCAD has remained one of the most popular CAD software solutions in the market. But as document repositories continued to expand into the cloud, designers now face file sharing and version management challenges more than ever before. Egnyte platform allows organizations to connect, protect, and unlock value from all their content and deliver smart content collaboration and governance in the cloud or on-premises to thousands of businesses around the world.

Benefits of Egnyte AutoCAD Plug-in

  1. Store AutoCAD files on Egnyte server.
  2. Fetch files from Egnyte server and use in AutoCAD.
  3. Update the current downloaded file and save back to Egnyte.
  4. Convert file into pdf and upload on Egnyte server.

About ProtoTech

ProtoTech Solutions is a specialized software development services provider in the domain of CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, PDM, 3D visualization and data interoperability. They help global leaders to build their software solutions (3D visualization apps on desktop, cloud, mobile, VR/AR; 3D scanning; 3D printing; CAD/BIM customizations/plug-ins/Integrations; PLM/PDM and host of such engineering applications)

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