Flow Science Recognized as New Mexico Family-Friendly Workplace

SANTA FE, NM, July 3, 2019 – For the third year in a row, Flow Science, Inc. has earned distinction for its workplace policies by Family Friendly New Mexico, a statewide project developed to recognize companies that have adopted policies to give New Mexico businesses an edge in recruiting and retaining the best employees.

“As we grow the state’s economy, we have the opportunity to be a national leader in offering New Mexicans workplaces that help companies attract and keep the best workers,” said Giovanna Rossi, head of Family Friendly New Mexico. “Implementing family-friendly policies can be a simple, concrete investment a company can make to ensure it can compete for highly qualified employees.  Studies have shown that costs associated with creating family-friendly benefits are more than made up for in improved productivity, employee morale and employee retention.”

Flow Science is committed to continuing to offer a competitive, best-in-class total compensation package forits full-time employees. Along with excellent benefits such as employer-paid health insurance, a generous employer match on employees’ 401(k) contributions and substantial paid time off policies that make us an employer of choice, Flow Science offers parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child, a wellness allowance for stress reducing and health enhancing activities, and flexibility in work arrangements.

“We want to attract, hire and keep the best employees and we believe our benefits and accommodations are what today’s most highly qualified employees around the nation are looking for,” said Aimee Abby, human resources manager at Flow Science.

The New Mexico Task Force on Work Life Balance created the New Mexico Family Friendly Business Award to recognize and celebrate New Mexico businesses that have family friendly policies in place, including paid leave, health support, work schedules and economic support. More information is available at http://www.nmfamilyfriendlybusiness.com/.

About Flow Science, Inc.

Flow Science, Inc. is a privately-held software company specializing in free-surface CFD flow modeling software for industrial and scientific applications worldwide. Flow Science has distributors and technical support services for FLOW-3Dand FLOW-3D CAST in nations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Flow Science can be found online at https://www.flow3d.com. FLOW-3D is a registered trademark in the USA and other countries.

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