KUBUS Offers BIMcollab Development SDK

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, June 3, 2019 – KUBUS’ BIMcollab team has made some major changes to its developers program, opening it up and allowing developers to connect their BIM applications to the BIMcollab issue management system. The SDK is now accessible for all; from professional software developers and in house development teams, to students and BIM enthusiasts. Immediately after registering they will have access to both the Connector as well as to our low level Connection library. They will be able to connect to our “playground” development space which can be used to experiment and test their solutions and allow for rapid development.

Erik Pijnenburg CEO of KUBUS: “KUBUS strongly believes in open BIM. Providing open BIM based connectivity to BIM applications is an important part of that vision. With this SDK we  target not just modeling tools but also model checkers, project management, calculation tools and other such applications. By opening our development program to all we strive to include more and more BIM tools to support BCF Based issue management.”

Rapid software development

The development program provides developers with the tools they need to rapidly connect their application to BIMcollab and provide BCF based issue management to their users.

Paul Deckers, SDK product manager: “Issue management is an essential part of any BIM workflow. However adding it to an application from scratch can be a major undertaking. The BIMcollab development SDK provides developers with an almost plug and play solution allowing them to focus on what they do best and leave the issue management part to us.”

The developer program provides a number of solutions tailored to different solutions:

1. The Connector e is a C# library with full GUI included alike our BCF Managers. Developers can embed this into their software and only need to add the code needed to interact with the host application. This is an ideal solution for desktop BIM tools.

2. For those who cannot use the Connector, the Connection Library offers low-level functionality to build a connection to BIMcollab. This includes data management of the downloaded issues, background-loading and more. The developer must develop their own user interface.

3. When neither solution can be used, for example when connecting other web-applications, developers will be able to implement a connection via the BCF-API, an open standard developed by Building smart.

Anybody can subscribe for free to the BIMcollab development program to get access to the libraries but also to a free of charge playground in the cloud to test your build app immediately.


KUBUS is a fast-growing software company offering BIM solutions for design & build and is exclusive distributor for GRAPHISOFT and Gold partner of Solibri, Inc. in the Benelux. KUBUS advocates openBIM and is the developer of BIMcollab, the world’s first cloud-based issue management system linked into all major BIM tools. From offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Hasselt and Belgrade, KUBUS services over 40.000 international customers in the construction industry.

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