Flow Science Announces 2018 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conf

SANTA FE, NM, Mar 13, 2018 – Flow Science, Inc. has announced that it will hold its 2018 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference August 7-8 at the Warwick Hotel in Denver, CO. Advanced training for water & environment professionals with a focus on fish passage modeling will be held on August 6. FLOW-3D users from all over the Americas will convene for this annual event to hone their simulation skills, explore new modeling approaches and learn about the latest software developments. Ryan Edison, PE, senior hydraulic engineer at AECOM and a FLOW-3D user for 18 years will be this year’s keynote speaker.

The conference will feature customer presentations from both industry and academia that focus on validations, benchmarks and case studies, as well as the latest developments for FLOW-3D presented by Flow Science’s senior technical team.

“Having face-to-face interactions with our customers is crucial and we make sure this happens at our various Users Conferences around the globe. At these meetings, we get insights into how FLOW-3D is being used for research& development as well as production and receive first-hand feedback that we can use in our development cycle. At the same time,we facilitate and have the privilege of connecting our customers with one another,” said Dr. Amir Isfahani, president & CEO of Flow Science. “To see someone who has 25 years of CFD experience connect with someone just starting out in their career is both powerful and rewarding,” he further commented.

Advanced training for water & environmental professionals will be offered the afternoon of August 6. The training will offer a complex set of simulation challenges so that attendees can explore best practices for model setup and in-depth results analysis.

Online early-bird registration as well as more information about the conference can be found at: https://www.flow3d.com/2018-flow-3d-americas-users-conference/.

About Flow Science

Flow Science, Inc. is a privately-held software company specializing in transient, free-surface CFD flow modeling software for industrial and scientific applications worldwide. Flow Science has distributors for FLOW-3D sales and support in nations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Flow Science’s headquarters is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Flow Science can be found online at www.flow3d.com.

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