AFP Consortium Joins 3D PDF Consortium as Association Member

BEAVERTON, OR, Mar 13, 2018 – The 3D PDF Consortium welcomes new association member, the Advanced Function Presentation Consortium (AFP Consortium). The AFP Consortium is an international group that bring together expert voices from across the print industry. Its mission is to maintain and advance the AFP architecture. AFP Consortium members, often market competitors, work together to help ensure this stable, efficient, flexible architecture continues to thrive, even as the world of printing changes.

“A hallmark of the AFP architecture is its ability to include objects external to AFP as part of the presentation data stream, including PDF. This allows our collective customers to combine the rich capabilities of PDF with the management and control provided by AFP. Our Consortium members are committed to delivering the technical advances needed for print to continue thriving,” said J B Condon, president of the AFP Consortium.

“We are extremely pleased to have AFP Consortium as member of the 3D PDF Consortium. We look forward to working with their group to further the development and promotion of standards,” said Betsy Fanning, standards director, 3D PDF Consortium. “We began our joint standards development providing a standardized subset of features to archive AFP documents and are continuing our efforts by standardizing tag sets and features to associate AFP with PDF.”

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About 3D PDF Consortium

The 3D PDF Consortium is a community of organizations representing a broad cross-section of industries and institutions. Small and large end user companies, software developers, and systems integrators are members of the Consortium. Member companies are dedicated to 3D ubiquity and working together to make that happen.

To see a full list of the Consortium’s members and learn more about the 3D PDF Consortium, visit the 3D PDF Consortium website

About AFP and AFP Consortium

Advanced Function Presentation is a document architecture that offers performance, manageability and integrity benefits meeting the needs of large volume, variable data applications. AFP technology has historically been leveraged for the production of mission critical documents such as bills, statements and policies and contains within it methods for job ticketing, effective server-based resource management and the powerful Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) for total output integrity. In addition to being a rich, self-contained native document language, AFP is also a powerful container architecture capable of bringing full resource and production management capabilities to bear on encapsulated formats such as PDF and TIFF.

The AFP Consortium is an international open standards body consisting of around 30 companies committed to the continued development of the AFP architecture. Since 2004, the AFP Consortium has developed open standards for accurate and consistent ICC-based color management, high-speed complex text, page group recovery within high-volume production, the IS/3 interchange set for compliance, and metadata support for AFP Archive and future applications, such as accessibility features. The AFP Consortium will continue in its role to grow and maintain the complete set of AFP architecture.

For more information, visit the AFPC website

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