DataRobot to Accelerate Enterprise-Ready AI with NVIDIA

BOSTON, MA, Mar 26, 2024 – DataRobot, the leading AI platform at the forefront of value-driven AI innovation, today announced that its enterprise-ready AI solutions will be supercharged with NVIDIA technology to offer world-class performance, security and efficiency across the full AI lifecycle.

“Organizations across industries are eager to quickly and safely deliver on AI investments with tangible, real-world value,” said Venky Veeraraghavan, chief product officer, DataRobot. “Combining DataRobot’s full AI lifecycle platform and NVIDIA’s accelerated AI computing software stack and unique optimization technology, this collaboration brings together cutting-edge capabilities to enable organizations to rapidly build, confidently operate and govern AI solutions at scale to drive transformative business impact.”

This new collaboration with NVIDIA accelerates AI use case delivery. Customers can now:

Operate AI

  • Deploy fully-configured generative AI models with NVIDIA NIM microservices, included with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, which are designed to accelerate the deployment of generative AI across the cloud, data center and workstations. Achieve peak performance, security and scalability with pre-built model container microservices in the DataRobot AI Platform, optimized for execution on top of NVIDIA devices. Accelerate deployment, replacement and monitoring of deep learning and LLM models on any cloud or on premises, bringing GPU-powered infrastructure to the environment that fits business needs.
  • Integrate and run commercial and open-source LLMs natively on NVIDIA Triton Inference Server. Maintain full optionality while optimizing performance of GPU infrastructure.

Govern AI

  • Monitor and moderate LLMs with DataRobot custom metrics and NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails. Apply NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails to DataRobot LLM blueprints to align models with safety and security requirements, or modify and combine these models with DataRobot’s custom metrics to support exact monitoring needs.

Build AI

  • Compare LLM blueprint strategies in production, including NVIDIA Nemotron-3-8B LLMs. Leverage best-in-class LLMs to build generative AI applications that are uniquely tuned for an organization, with the visibility and performance needed to deliver the most optimal solution to your customers.
  • Utilize NVIDIA RAPIDS libraries within DataRobot Notebooks. Enhance end-to-end AI and data processing pipelines with a suite of GPU-accelerated data science and AI libraries to unleash development for any use case.

“Generative AI applications are key to helping businesses boost productivity with unprecedented personalization, product development and operations optimization,” said Anne Hecht, senior director of AI Software, NVIDIA. “DataRobot’s integrations with NVIDIA technology enhances productivity for practitioners and developers by reducing LLM deployment times from weeks to just a few minutes, maximizing inference performance efficiency and supercharging production AI for customers.”

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About DataRobot

DataRobot is the leader in value-driven AI, empowering organizations to accelerate AI from idea to impact. With over a decade at the forefront of AI innovation, they know what it takes to make a real difference – to your bottom line, to your business vision, and to the world around us. Their open, end-to-end AI lifecycle platform allows your organization to quickly build, securely operate, and confidently govern your entire AI landscape from a single, unified experience. Organizations across industries and geographies trust DataRobot to help solve their biggest challenges with AI, leveraging generative and predictive capabilities today while providing the flexibility to adapt to the innovations of tomorrow.

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