ProjectReady Extends Automated Project Site Setup

to Autodesk Construction Cloud

WHITE PLAINS, NY, Mar 26, 2024 – Collaborative project information management software provider for architects, engineers, contractors, and project owners, ProjectReady, announced its automated project site setup feature extends to Autodesk Construction Cloud, a portfolio of software and services that combines technology, a builders network and predictive insights for construction teams. This development marks a milestone in ProjectReady’s existing Autodesk integration as well as the continued evolution of the solution’s Integrated Data Environment (IDE), ensuring consistency and data alignment across different common data environments (CDEs) involved on a project.

Improve Consistency across Project Platforms

“Different professionals on a project will continue to depend on different digital tools to do their portion of the job,” said ProjectReady CEO Joe Giegerich. “Even when different platforms are used, team members still need to have access to project-related information. ProjectReady facilitates the free flow of information between CDEs while ensuring consistency of essential information.”

“With increasingly compressed timelines on construction projects, it’s important for teams to automate manual processes whenever they can,” said James Cook, Director of integrations and technology at Autodesk. “By automating project setup with ProjectReady, construction teams can move straight to tracking key data and milestones in Autodesk Construction Cloud and focus on their primary objective – building.”

Automate Autodesk Construction Cloud Project Site Creation

ProjectReady’s head of development Shaili Modi-Oza said a user can set up a new project in ProjectReady, instantly connect external CDEs, and simultaneously create projects in Autodesk Construction Cloud, Procore, and Microsoft 365 with authoritative data and information pulled from the organization’s ERP, CRM or accounting system to ensure accuracy and consistency.

By automating setup of Autodesk Construction Cloud projects and connections to other platforms, all systems involved will share the same Project ID, consistent metadata, and a unified process. This ensures alignment, delivers a scalable taxonomy, and establishes a single source of truth across platforms.

ProjectReady offers long-standing, unique value to Autodesk Construction Cloud users, including content synchronization, the ability to quickly search for information across connected platforms, and an email management solution that lets users register email and attachments directly to Autodesk Construction Cloud while making email actionable in the context of a project. ProjectReady’s WorkBridge allows Autodesk Construction Cloud and Procore users to work together on Requests for Information (RFIs)/Issues without having to leave their preferred platform.

For more information, visit or the Autodesk App Store.

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