CAD Exchanger v3.11.0 Released

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, Russia, Apr 14, 2022 – CAD Exchanger announces the release of CAD Exchanger 3.11.0 — a toolset for 3D CAD software developers and end-users.

CAD Exchanger 3.11.0 features:

  • New user interface
  • Customer Corner
  • 2D drawing export to DXF

New user interface — for visual and functional consistency

New UI – Import settings in the new CAD Exchanger interface

The CAD Exchanger team rearranged the toolbars and settings, optimized the notification algorithm, and improved the design. The goal was to make all the tools easier to access and navigate, to simplify the import, export, and meshing settings, and to prepare a reliable base for the forthcoming features.

Customer Corner — for one-stop access to user’s licenses

Customer Corner – View all the licenses in your Customer Corner at

CAD Exchanger users can now create their accounts on and get access to all their licenses. The first version of a Customer Corner provides an overview of all the purchased licenses, downloadable installation packages, and a possibility to share the licenses with the team.

The system will load all the licenses linked to the indicated email address after its confirmation.

2D drawing to DXF export — for fuller 2D geometry support

Export of 2D drawing to DXF with CAD Exchanger

Now developers can let their applications export 2D data to DXF format. DXF, which stands for Drawing Exchange Format, is more compatible with third-party software than DWG and can be used to transfer 2D geometry to non-Autodesk CAD packages, CNC machines, or other 3D formats.

NB. Available in CAD Exchanger SDK only.

All CAD Exchanger products are available for a free evaluation. To get the evaluation and more details about the products, please visit or contact us via the contact form.

About CAD Exchanger 

CAD Exchanger is a technology that enables data exchange in the multi-CAD world.

From startups to Fortune100 companies their products are used to view, convert and collaborate on 3D CAD data.

CADEX was founded in 2014 by Roman Lygin, a veteran with 20+ years of experience in CAD data exchange, parallel computations and project management in EADS Matra Datavision, Open CASCADE and Intel. However, the roots go five years back when CAD Exchanger started as Roman’s hobby project and gained great traction by users who were still facing CAD data conversion challenges.

Today CAD Exchanger solutions empower hundreds of thousands of end-user seats through software vendors.

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