Zoom Selects CADbro for Mold Production

GUANGZHOU, China, Feb 12, 2019 – CADbro is a full-featured and budget-friendly CAD viewer for everyone to visualize and communicate engineering data, featuring multiple functions including smart 2D/3D CAD viewing, vivid 3D annotation and advanced analysis. Recently, CADbro was chosen by Zoom Technologies in India to accelerate their customized mold production.

Why does Zoom Technologies Need CADbro

ZT specializes in customized molds from single cavity prototypes to large, multi-cavity mold production up to 845 ton, including gun drilling, surface grinding, mold base, plastic parts, insert & finish block. They provide one-stop solutions for all types of requirements.

Previously, other departments of ZT greatly relied on the design department to help them view and analyze engineering data from customers, which hugely extends their time to respond.

CADbro Improves the Efficiency of Mold Customization

After comparison and evaluation between CADbro and other existing 3D viewers, ZT decided to pick CADbro and apply it to the working and communication process because of its powerful functions and short learning curve.

CADbro enables users to easily access and interact with over 25 kinds of file formats. Now, once customers make a request, the staff in non-design department can open and check the 3D mold files, quickly measure the stock size, then offer price and solutions in short order. CADbro plays an important role in mistake reduction, time saving, communication facilitation and further product development.

Mr. Yusuf, CEO of Zoom Technologies, said, “With CADbro, we can open any CAD file in a single click. It has all functionality which is required to prepare the quotation, making our response to customers much faster.”

Besides the powerful 3D viewer, the annotation and analysis function of CADbro gives much convenience to them. “We surely and highly recommend CADbro to all users in the automotive and tooling industry,” said Mr. Yusuf.

About CADbro and ZWSOFT

ZWSOFT is a world-renowned CAD/CAM solutions provider. CADbro is one of the competitive products of ZWSOFT, a full-featured and budget-friendly CAD viewer supporting over 25 file formats, especially designed to visualize and communicate engineering data by enabling users to view, manage, annotate models and verify the manufacturability of product.

For more information, visit www.zwsoft.com.

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