Zero-Max Updates Posi-Lok Keyless Shaft Bushings Product Line

Zero-Max announced expansion of its Posi-Lok keyless shaft bushings product line. These shaft locking devices secure shaft mounted components into position. They are a shaft-hub locking solution eliminating keyways which can weaken or cause excess wear to shaft components.

The expanded Posi-Lok product line includes nine different models in a range of sizes. Now available are more model and size options to handle different torque requirements and mounting configurations for unique motion control applications. Also available are more material choices to meet specific application requirements such as corrosion protection as well as environmental considerations. Most models are available to ship from stock.

All Posi-Lok models slide onto a shaft and provide performance. They provide concentricity with minimal radial and axial runout. Their mechanical design does not require keyways.

Included among the new models and sizes are stainless steel models for use in highly corrosive applications such as food processing, chemical processing and others that operate in harsh environments. Also available are electroless nickel plated models and standard alloy steel models.

For more information, visit Zero-Max website.

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