Yaskawa America Adds 400 Volt Servo Motors to Sigma-7

The Drives & Motion Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. has announced the addition of a complete line of 400 Volt servo motors and amplifiers to its flagship series of Sigma-7 servo systems, extending the performance advantages of Sigma-7 products to all types of industrial users.

The new 400 Volt offering includes a completely new amplifier design that offers unique advantages to machine builders and end users seeking to upgrade a 400 Volt motion control system. The amplifier has a new book-style form factor built around a single standard height and two standard widths. This makes control cabinet design and configuration easier and more predictable. Installation ease is also enhanced by the presence of wiring connections on the top and bottom of the amplifiers, allowing the routing of wiring above and below the amplifier and eliminating the need for terminal board breakouts.

The new 400 Volt line retains the full set of performance advantages shared by all Sigma-7 products:

  • 3.1 kHz frequency response, which sets a new industry standard for bandwidth and servo performance
  • 24-bit encoder feedback for unequaled resolution and precision positioning
  • New tuning functions that combat vibration, resonances, friction and ripple effects
  • Motor compatibility with comparably sized past Yaskawa products, for easy upgrading

The aim of the new product is to bring the motion control industry’s highest performance to the greatest number of users worldwide. The initial launch will include servo motors and SERVOPACK amplifiers to 15kW scheduled for release in 2018.

For information on the new 400 Volt series and Yaskawa’s other Sigma-7 servo products, visit the Sigma-7 page.

For more information, visit Yaskawa America website.

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