XYZprinting Introduces Color 3D Gallery

LAKE FOREST, CA, Oct 12, 2017 – XYZprinting, the world’s leading 3D printer manufacturer, continues to solidify itself as the leader in the full-color 3D printing movement with the introduction of the XYZprinting Color 3D Gallery. The designs found in the gallery are compatible with the award-winning da Vinci Color 3D printer that launched at IFA in September 2017. The gallery of full-color prints will continue growing in volume, and subject matter, over time as their community of color designers and their designs increase as well.

Full color 3D prints next to the da Vinci Color printer.

On the heels of the da Vinci Color launch earlier this month, XYZprinting has continued to make full-color 3d printing and design a priority by teaming up with a select group of hand-picked designers. These designers come from a wide variety of fields, including 3D cosplay, game development, teaching, and YouTube, to form their Color Designers community, and are committed to updating the Color 3D Gallery with their exciting work over the course of the next 2 years. XYZprinting knew that only innovating the world’s first full color 3D printer wasn’t enough; they committed to building the largest community of designers around it so the content would be as rich as the prints it could create.

There is currently over 1,000 full-color designs available for free download on XYZprinting’s Color 3D Gallery including those uploaded by the 15 Color Designers as well as user uploaded designs.

Members of the Color Designers community have all expressed their excitement and positive experiences using the da Vinci Color and designing for the gallery so far:

Sajid Diaz, a graphic designer who started working with 3d printers over 7 years ago, stated that, “After designing for the XYZprinting Color 3D Gallery and printing them from the da Vinci Color, I think XYZprinting has brought to market one of the most important innovations to propel 3D Printing into the next era of development: full-color 3D printing.”

Designer Tanya Weisner shows off the full power of Color in her hands.

Tanya Weisner, a technical artist working the game and software industry, said, “I’m already starting to implement the printer into my workflow for prototyping parts with logo mockups for my day job…(it’s) definitely going to be a nice low budget option for prototyping games and toys too especially for independent designers such as myself.”

A. Daniel Garcia Aranda, head of Polygonal Mind shared, “The 3DColorJet technology speeds up the time between the conception phase and the client’s validation.”

Full-color designs can be downloaded directly from

In an effort to enrich its full-color gallery even more, XYZprinting is running a color design competition through November 19th. Interested designers can upload full-color print designs to the XYZprinting Color 3D Gallery and enter to win their own da Vinci Color 3D printer. To enter click here.

The da Vinci Color 3D printer will be on pre-sale through the end of October for $2999.95 ($3,500 MSRP).

About XYZprinting  

XYZprinting, a New Kinpo Group company, is the world’s leading 3D printing manufacturer. Dedicated to bringing cost-effective 3D printing to educators and classrooms, consumers and artists, small-to-midsized businesses, and households around the world, XYZprinting has broken down the barriers of 3D printer ownership by providing an easy-to-use device that delivers an outstanding user experience, whether connected to a computer or via mobile. Its printers have won several accolades within the 3D printing industry at major technology industry events and by top publications. XYZprinting currently has offices in ChinaJapan, Korea, Thailandthe United States and Europe.

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About New Kinpo Group (NKG)

New Kinpo Group, a corporation of several subsidiaries including Cal-Comp, XYZprinting, Kinpo Electronics and AcBel, is a global electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturing (ODM) company that offers its customers lower costs, faster delivery times and world-class product quality. The company’s EMS business spans multiple product lines, including storage, printers, network-attached storage (NAS), wireless and broadband, digital home, consumer electronics, wearables, 3D printing, robotics, power management and smart grid, industrial, automotive, security, medical/healthcare and emerging technologies. New Kinpo Group’s network of strategically located manufacturing sites have the added benefit of allowing customers to manufacture products closer to their end customers, resulting in dramatically reduced shipping costs, lower tariffs and more cost-effective inventory management.

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