Tungaloy Introduces TungSpeed-Mill Face Milling Cutter

Tungaloy is introducing TungSpeed-Mill, an advanced series of high-speed face milling cutter for efficient finishing of ISO N materials.

TungSpeed-Mill comes equipped with a unique insert clamping design called CamAdjust. This design enables quick and accurate insert indexing using a single key wrench, saving significant time during tool presetting which is often time consuming with close-pitched cutters with traditional insert clamping system.

TungSpeed-Mill is designed with the highest insert density available in the market, enabling operation at over 3,000 meter per minute (9,843 sfm) for milling aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous components predominantly used in the automotive industry.

The inserts are available in polycrystalline diamond (PCD) grade DX110 in various geometries including two types of standard inserts: first choice insert with F edge preparation (sharp edge) and S edge preparation (chamfered + honed) for rough applications. In addition, deburring insert (-BD) and wiper insert (-WD) are also available. The main cutting edge of the standard insert is designed double-angled which reduces burr generation on the machined surface and breaks chips into small pieces for efficient evacuation. The deburring insert ensures burr-free machining, while the wiper insert provides improved machined surface quality.

The cutter bodies are available in a tool diameter range of ø50 mm to ø160 mm, with ø50 mm in cylindrical type and ø63 mm to ø160 mm in shell type.

At a Glance:

  • Extra close pitch design for ultimate machining efficiency of aluminum (e.g. 22 inserts per 100 mm diameter)
  • 4 types of PCD inserts for various applications
  • Innovative insert runout adjustment called CamAdjust for quick and easy setup

Total of 16 cutter bodies and 4 inserts to be introduced.

For more information, visit Tungaloy website.

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