Theorem Updates 3D PDF CATIA V5-Creo View Visualization Product

STAFFORDSHIRE, UK, Sep 18, 2017 – A 3D PDF add on is now available to complement and enhance Theorem’s CATIA V5 to Creo View visualization product, which is part of the Visualize 3D range. This Visualize 3D product enables CATIA V5 assembly, geometry and attribute data, including manufacturing information, to be published in a Creo View format, extending the use of 3D data throughout the enterprise and supply chain as well as providing input data for multiple downstream processes.

The 3D PDF Add-on allows CATIA V5 data to be published to a 3D PDF, along with the original Creo View output, from the same CATIA V5 source. A 3D PDF gives users all of the features of a standard PDF but with the added, interactive 3D representation of the CATIA V5 data that can be manipulated, marked-up and annotated.

Features of a 3D PDF

Using the Adobe toolbar you are able to:

  • Explode views
  • Show attribute information
  • Manipulate 3D data using zoom, pan and rotate
  • View product structure tree and hide/show different items within that structure
  • Include attachments so that a complete technical data package can be created
  • Manually mark-up and annotation
  • Cross section parts
  • Change the graphics for the 3D data using Model Rendering
  • Change lighting, background colour, text colour etc.
  • Control of the 3D geometry content using tessellated representations.

A number of widgets, such as carousels, tables, check boxes and drop down lists are also available.

3D PDF also allows users to add additional documents as attachments to create Technical Data Packages, and secure their intellectual property by placing passwords and document rights access controls onto the document.

3D PDF is a great way of leveraging CAD and PLM assets, and a simple and cost effective way of sharing those assets with others.

Theorem’s strategic partnerships with Dassault Systemes and PTC ensures that there is parallel development between the latest releases of CATIA V5, Creo View, and Theorem’s Visualize 3D products, allowing Theorem to continue to provide data solutions for CATIA V5 users wanting to Visualize their data in a different format.

About Theorem Solutions

Theorem Solutions works with engineering and manufacturing companies to reduce the cost of project collaboration with their customers, suppliers and internal departments. The innovative and advanced data translation products and services provided also helps to protect the value of engineering data and the intellectual property it contains.

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