SoundWater Ships Orcas SP Flowmeter

SoundWater Technologies, LLC, based in Wenatchee, WA, began shipping a new kind of fixed installation flowmeter called the Orcas SP. Orcas SP, is much more than just a flowmeter, it connects with any process automation system with 4-20 mA, pulse or serial data capability. It also sends data wirelessly to nearly any mobile device, and with its unique all-in-one design promises to help technicians integrate their system with much less hassle than has been possible before.

Orcas SP and Ayyeka WaveletOrcas SP combined with the Ayyeka Wavelet provides access to flow data from the cloud.

Orcas SP combines several advanced technologies in a new way to enable rapid measurement and analysis of flow inside a pipe without any cutting or drilling. Ultrasonic sound waves (inaudible to the human ear) are used to reveal the flow rate inside. Traditionally, measuring flow in a pipe required cutting the pipe, installing an in-line meter, and welding everything back together—a slow, tedious, and costly process.

Orcas SP flowmeter and companion mobile app.

The four-pound sensor—the device that sends and receives ultrasonic waves—is readily attached to the outside of a pipe. Then the technician uses the companion Orcas app on an Android or Apple iPhone to setup the flowmeter. The all-in-one design makes the flow meter wireless eliminating the tangle of transducer wires required with conventional flow meters. Need an upgrade? Its smartphone-based app is capable of delivering new features and upgrades to the flowmeter – users always have the latest signal processing and analysis capabilities.

The Orcas SP also integrates seamlessly with the Ayyeka Wavelet—a cellular telemetry device for transmitting data to the Cloud. Together the Orcas SP and Wavelet allow SoundWater users to easily access their flowmeter data from any web interface.

The Orcas SP flow meter is manufactured in Wenatchee, WA, USA and can be purchased through distribution channels or directly from the company. Inquiries can be directed to Mr. Peery.

About SoundWater Technologies

SoundWater Technologies, founded in 2013, is a an acknowledged leader in the flow metering industry. Building on more than 50 years of combined flow metering and ultrasonics industry experience, SoundWater Technologies designs and develops fluid and flow sensing devices for businesses, municipalities, technicians, installers and researchers.

For more information, visit SoundWater Technologies website.

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