SimScale Partners with Simerics

MUNICH, Germany and BOSTON, MA, Sep 10, 2021 – SimScale, the maker of the world’s first cloud-native platform for engineering simulation, announced today the release of the latest technology investments to make simulation more accessible to the turbomachinery and industrial equipment industries.

Rapid simulations in the cloud enable accurate performance predictions in the early design stages for rotating machinery.

Engineers can now access Simerics-MP technology in the cloud through the SimScale engineering simulation platform. This integration provides engineers with the accessibility of SimScale and the power of Simerics, providing  new modern workflows that save thousands of dollars in CFD model setup, hardware upgrade and maintenance, and waiting times. This exclusive partnership provides the simulation community with a single source for high-end CFD analysis on the cloud, at an affordable price and with the speed and accuracy needed to match and reduce the need for physical prototypes.

By working together, Simerics and SimScale offer an inclusive workflow where simulation engineers import any CAD model, setup a CFD simulation, mesh and solve in minutes and postprocess in real-time through one easy-to-use web-based interface.

New Fluid Flow Technology for Rotating Machinery 

SimScale’s latest CFD (computational fluid dynamics) release focuses on rotating machinery applications. Enhanced algorithms, from meshing to solver, produce simulations with excellent accuracy and increased solution speed. In initial user testing, solution turnaround was reduced by 10x to 50x, depending on the specific case, with equal or better accuracy.

“We’ve always known that the design of modern rotating machinery would benefit greatly from cloud-native engineering simulation that is accessible anytime and anywhere from a web browser,” said SimScale’s CEO David Heiny, “but we also knew that these applications have unique requirements for simulation accuracy and speed. So, over the past year we have invested heavily in our simulation technology to provide the ‘total package’ for this market: accessible, accurate, efficient, and versatile. By integrating Simerics-MP into the SimScale platform, we fulfilled the demand of designers and engineers working on Rotating Machinery for simulation on the cloud with the benefits of having engineering simulation broadly accessible.”

Rotating machinery CFD solutions based on desktop technology have been slow, expensive, and piecemeal, “by delivering a unifying simulation workflow in the cloud, the partnership between Simerics and SimScale relieves the pressure and stress of designing and optimizing rotating machinery applications under hardware and license constraints,” concludes Heiny.

“Our development with SimScale makes the high-end CFD rotating machinery technical advantages from Simerics-MP available on the cloud where more and more simulation users can quickly access CFD simulation to design products that rotate and spin,” said Rich Moore, executive vice president strategy, Simerics. “With our exclusive and strategic partnership with SimScale we are bringing the most affordable and accurate CFD results to the simulation design community and rotating machinery application users.”

The SimScale team is committed to support this market with further technology development and user support in the rotating machinery and industrial equipment industries. This includes additional advanced CFD methods and thermal and structural analysis capabilities that will be released in the coming months.

Simulate Early, Simulate More, Simulate Now

SimScale is focused on removing the pain of buying expensive CAE software licenses, paying for maintenance and support, procuring expensive HPC hardware, and waiting for IT to deploy and maintain the tools needed to do what matters: designing the best products. With SimScale, engineers and designers have access to fast, accurate, and accessible engineering simulation on the cloud. On the SimScale platform, accessibility translates to a modern usage-based pricing approach and frictionless collaboration between engineers.

“Turbomachinery engineers and designers have been traditionally constrained by legacy desktop simulation software. The adoption of digital prototyping to explore the full design space and the need to reduce trial-and-error physical prototyping has been limited by local computational resources that don’t scale up on-demand, subpar ease of use, and the lack of essential sharing and collaboration features within their team and with customers,” added Jon Wilde, SimScale’s VP of product, “We would like for engineers and designers to be able to simulate early, simulate more, and, especially, simulate now.”

To learn more about the latest release of SimScale, please watch this on-demand webinar here or try the platform by requesting a demo here.

About SimScale

SimScale provides engineering teams with a cloud-native platform focused on making high-fidelity simulation technically and economically accessible through computational resources that scale up on-demand, streamlined workflows, and modern sharing and collaboration features. With SimScale engineering teams can optimize their designs with accuracy and ease, and focus on what matters the most: designing the best products. Visit for information and to join over 200,000 users of the fluid, heat, and structural engineering simulation capabilities available in SimScale.

About Simerics

Simerics is headquartered in Bellevue, WA and are the developers of Simerics-MP; Simerics-MP+; Rhino Flow RT; Orca3D Marine CFD; Creo Flow Analysis; Simerics MP for Fusion; CFTurbo SMP all leading simulation products.  Simerics and our partners serve several vertical industries: Auto, aerospace, pumps, valves, compressors, marine, heat exchangers, electronics and eMotors, turbine, oil and gas and general CFD problems.

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