Siemens Introduces Simatic MV550 Optical Reader

Siemens has introduced the Simatic MV550, the second optical reader in its Simatic MV500 series. It has an additional Gigabit Ethernet interface for diagnostic and service purposes. The Simatic MV500 can be connected to cloud applications. This is intended to enable users to optimize production processes and supply chains, and to increase the efficiency and quality of production, logistics and asset management.

The additional Gigabit Ethernet interface transfers data at a rate of up to 1 Gbps. Images that are recorded in applications at a very high reading rate can be transferred to and archived on an IT server. If the interface is not used for diagnostics, a PC can be directly connected to perform service and maintenance work via the web browser. The additional Gigabit Ethernet interface also facilitates network separation. This prevents the two data flows (from the camera to the controller and from the camera to the server) from influencing each other, which gives interference-free communication.

With the introduction of the Simatic MV550, Siemens has also extended the accessory portfolio for the Simatic MV500 series. For example, additional e-focus lenses are available with different focal distances and ring lights in additional light colors and designs. This expands the range of possible applications. The e-focus lenses make the “electronic focusing” function available to the optical readers. The controllable built-in ring lights allow readers to automatically adapt to product and ambient conditions, for example different incidence directions. The range of accessories allows the devices to be automatically adapted to changing production conditions.

The one-button configuration for network and reading parameters makes the commissioning of Simatic MV500 devices simples. The readers’ degree of protection (IP67) and their construction make them suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. The modular setup of the products allows adaptation to a wide range of application requirements.

Like the Simatic MV540, the first device in the Simatic MV500 series, the Simatic MV550 can be securely connected via the Simatic S7-1500 controller and the CP 1545-1 communications processor to cloud applications such as MindSphere, the open, cloud-based IoT operating system. Operating data, such as product identification and quality data with position and time, can be transferred to the cloud and recorded statistically to optimize production processes and supply chains.

For more information, visit Siemens website.

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