Servo2Go Introduces ElectroCraft CompletePower PMDC Drive

Servo2Go has introduced ElectroCraft CompletePower PMDC drive products. The ElectroCraft CompletePower PMDC drive products are a fit motion control applications.

These servo-amplifiers are built into a fully enclosed aluminum case. Mode of operation is set by simple DIP switches. These drives handle a range of power supply voltages (from 11 to 70VDC) for a variety of power input requirements. Inputs include current limit, set value input, enable, tach and a ramp function. The pulse-width modulated power stage utilizes 95% efficient MOSFET-technology and is protected against over-current and over-temperature.

The full line of CompletePower PMDC drives feature:

  • DC input power
  • 4 quadrant operation
  • Switches to select functionality
  • Screwdriver required for system set-up
  • Common connectors for installation
  • For Brush-Commutated PMDC Motors, from 75W to 1260W

For more information, visit Servo2Go website.

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