Sensors Introduces S-AGM Plus Series

logoSensors has introduced S-AGM Plus. The S-AGM Plus series is an updated version of the Advanced Gasmitter manufactured by Sensors. It offers optimized accuracy and readability for gas measurement. Its linearized output signal provides a better signal to noise ratio, while its standard temperature and pressure compensation reduces drift. Reliable outputs are ensured through its internal conditioning. It is equipped with an NDIR-dual wavelength sensor for gas measurement, and a web-based communication software. This device has low-grade drift characteristics, with a response time of <6s, and 2mA to 22mA output display measurement range deviation. S-AGM Plus also has an enhanced USB, and RS-485 interface.


  • Gas type: CH4, CO2
  • Technology: NDIR
  • Applications: for environmental measurements
  • Other characteristics: analog

For more information, visit SensorsĀ website.

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