Schneeberger Introduces MONORAIL AMS 3B

For builders of mechanical engineering systems for medical devices, machine tools and other automated applications, precision distance measurement coupled with low-vibration and low-friction linear travel is essential. Schneeberger monorail guideways with integrated magneto-resistive measuring systems are designed to meet the requirements of precision distance measurement and interface to all major control systems, including the Siemens DRIVE CLiQ communication protocol and all Mitsubishi controllers.

The MONORAIL AMS 3B distance measuring system, based on the MONORAIL MR roller profile guideway features axes with a compact design, and distance measurement and guideways especially suitable for use in machine tools. No additional assembly or adjustment of the measuring system is required by the operator. The AMSA 3B analog variant features a voltage interface of 1 Vss that connects to all conventional controllers and is the starting point for the AMSD 3B digital version. The latter has a digital incremental interface that references different resolutions and permits system adaptation for controllers with different input frequencies.

For more information, visit Schneeberger website.

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