ROEQ Introduces TR500 Top Roller

ROEQ has released TR500 Top Roller that automates load and unload operations of the MiR500, the autonomous mobile robot from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). The TR500 is launching at ROEQ’s booth 8459 at the Automate 2019 show held in Chicago April 8-11. First day of the show, ROEQ will also debut another new module.

The TR500 accommodates US pallets and can be delivered with a fully automated lifter functionality for pick-up and delivery of goods in heights ranging from 23.6 inches (600mm) to 29.5 inches (750mm). The Top Roller integrates in MiR’s own user interface where all control functions are embedded; when the robot is called to deliver or pick up goods, the conveyor communicates with the pick-up and delivery stations and will automatically activate the loading or unloading upon arrival.

ROEQ recently launched the TR125 Top Roller that is designed for the MiR200 robot. The TR125 is an ideal solution for carrying products packed in cardboard boxes, plastics containers, etc. The company has also launched a host of other add-ons for MiR, including docking stations, lifts, and the solution ROEQ C300 cart. By using the ROEQ C300 Cart solution the robot can collect loaded carts, deliver it to the designated docking station and leave it there to be emptied or prepared for the next mission. This solution ensures that the MiR robot is only stationary for a short amount of time, effectively streamlining the workflow between different divisions of the facility.

For more information, visit ROEQ website.

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