RacMet Product Line Placer Available for Revit Users

BODEGRAVEN, Netherlands, Jan 31, 2019 – Working with Raccorderie Metalliche (RacMet) product line inoxPres to complete your Revit project? From today onward you can use our free Application in Revit to get your stuff done.

Designing MEP press fitting systems gets much easier with the Raccorderie Metalliche Product Line Placer for Revit. Just click and draw and the right fittings are automatically added to your piping system. And if you want to make advanced connections with real fittings rather than custom fittings, it takes only a few clicks.

Even more, you can use the in-app predefined schedules and order your items directly from the material lists with guaranteed up-to-date content.

11 Product groups to complement your RacMet piping system

Not only pipes can be adjusted and placed. Ball valves, Draw-off valves, Bends, Compensators, Reducers, Flanges and more from the inoxPRES, inoxPRES GAS, inoxPRES HT, inoxPRES STEAM, SteelPres, AESPres, AESPres Gas, MarinePres and Uniko can be added to your system to make them visible in your project in the right incoming- and outgoing diameters.

Free to use in Revit

The Raccorderie Metalliche Product Line Placer for Revit plug-in can be downloaded for free on store.mepcontent.com. The Application has localized content for Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom but can also be used in other countries. Supported languages for this plugin are English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, and Nederlands.

“Customer satisfaction is and always has been the main objective of every action and every activity within Raccorderie Metalliche. This is why we chose a global partner as MEPcontent. Thanks to their experience, MEPcontent enables us to offer practical, flexible and continuously innovating solutions to MEP engineers,” Guido Ceccardi – CEO Raccorderie Metalliche.

About MEPcontent

MEPcontent is a Trimble brand with 27 years of experience delivering MEP design software, data and Apps. MEPcontent, the largest BIM library for MEP specialists, offers up- to-date BIM content and productivity-enhancing BIM applications for the MEP industry. MEPcontent is constantly expanding the number of partnerships with Building Product Manufacturers (BPM) to offer new manufacturer- specific content and custom-branded  Apps. With App functionalities offering MEP engineers and other MEP specialists the ability to work faster on specific jobs to be done.

About Raccorderie Metalliche

Since 1970, Raccorderie Metalliche is a leading manufacturer in the European civil & industrial plumbing sector landscape. Since 2014 they are present in the shipbuilding sector and the only one in the market being in a position to offer press fitting systems, steel wastewater systems, welding fittings, threaded fittings and fastening systems, at the same time.

Raccorderie Metalliche has two production plants in Italy, extending over an area of more than 89.000 sq. m, as well as 3 branch offices in foreign Countries (Germany, France and

Spain) ensuring the distribution of our products in more than 60 Countries of the world.

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