PI Introduces H-811.i2 Hexapod

has added a higher performance model to its range of compact hexapods. The H-811.i2 provides twice the velocity along with sensor resolution up to 8 times higher compared to the current H-811.D2 miniature hexapod.  The size, design with low friction ballscrews brushless motors, and controller with multi-axis alignment capabilities make the new hexapod a tool for high duty cycle alignment applications in optics, automotive and photonics applications.

Hexapods are 6 DOF positioning / motion systems that derive 6-axis movement (XYZ, pitch, yaw, roll) from actuators placed in parallel between a top and bottom platform. Available in a variety of sizes with bases ranging from 50mm to 1m and different load capabilities up to 2 tons, PI hexapods are a solution to complex multi-axis precision motion applications. PI hexapods come with controllers and software tools based on 25 years of hexapod R&D, resulting in fast solution implementation to a plethora of applications from medical to photonics. All 6 axes can be commanded as Cartesian coordinates, and the center of rotation can be changed on the fly with a software command.


  • 6-Axis System (XYZ, Theta X, Y, Z)
  • Travel ranges to 34mm linear / 42° rotary
  • Strut Resolution: 5 Nanometers
  • Load capacity to 11 lbs
  • Repeatability to ±0.06 µm
  • Velocity to 20 mm/sec

For more information, visit PI website.

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