OpenBOM Announces Order BOM for Production Planning

NEWTON, MA, Sep 21, 2017 – OpenBOM has taken a step into the realm of manufacturing by providing users the ability to create Order BOM to perform production planning. The Order BOM is OpenBOM’s first practical step toward closing the gap between engineering and manufacturing. In the current version of OpenBOM, after a user releases a BOM, they will be able to create production batches to plan the number of product units to be manufactured. OpenBOM will create an Order BOM which includes information about the required and gap quantities for each part. The Order BOM can be shared with contractors and suppliers for follow up and collaboration on parts delivery. Moreover, the Order BOM can be integrated with Bookeeping or ERP systems for procurement and order tracking. When the Order BOM is released to production, the inventory quantity on hand for each part will be updated automatically in the the OpenBOM Part Catalogs (Inventories). From now on OpenBOM can be used by engineering teams and small manufacturing shops as an alternative system to complex PLM and ERP solutions.

OpenBOM Order Bill of Materials

“I’m very excited with the steps we are taking towards helping engineers and manufacturing teams order parts and perform initial production planning,” said Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO and co-founder of OpenBOM, “involving the creation of an Order BOM to manage the right quantities and collaborate ordering process internally in the company and externally with contractors and suppliers.” Order BOM is available immediately to all OpenBOM users.

“OpenBOM provides us with the tools to create and manage BOMs across our team,” said Matt Bush, COO and co-founder of Hirebotics, “and the new OpenBOM features promise to help us purchase the right parts, in the right quantities and collaborate with our network of suppliers to help track purchases and delivery.” Another OpenBOM customer, Joe Bassett, CEO of Dawn Equipment remarked, “This is a very specific pain point my company has in communicating BOM’s and changes between design, manufacturing, and production teams. OpenBOM appears poised to fill a needed void that many fast moving manufacturing companies must feel.”

About OpenBOM 

OpenBOM was co-founded by Oleg Shilovitsky and Vic Sanchez, both experienced software industry veterans. OpenBOM develops new cloud technology to manage bill of materials (BOM) across networks of engineers, supply chain managers, and contract manufacturers. OpenBOM enables people to collaborate on the Bill of Materials from initial design through all stages of engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain. Headquartered in the Boston, MA area.

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