ODA Releases Facet Modeler SDK for CAD, BIM

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, July 30, 2019 – Open Design Alliance (ODA), leading provider of CAD interoperability and component technology, announced the release of its new Facet Modeler SDK. The SDK provides a rich set of functions for working with polygonal mesh models in the context of CAD and BIM.

“Facet Modeler provides functionality for creating simple 3D bodies and performing Boolean operations and slicing of those bodies,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA president. “This functionality is commonly used in architectural applications, for example when calculating wall intersections. Geometric transformations such as scaling, rotations, and mirroring are also supported, as well as area and volume calculations.”

Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA development director, said, “While this is the first stand-alone release of Facet Modeler, we’ve been using this technology in our Architecture SDK for more than a decade. It’s proven technology, stable and with good performance. We’re pleased to be offering it as a stand-alone module, so it can be easily adapted to other domains.”

Facet Modeler SDK is available to all ODA members as part of a standard membership, at no additional cost. The SDK and full release notes are available for download at www.opendesign.com.

About Open Design Alliance

Open Design Alliance is the “Equalizer” for CAD development. They are a non-profit technology consortium that provides high-value SDKs for engineering applications. Their product portfolio includes solutions for interoperability, visualization, publishing, and more, running on all common desktop, mobile and Web platforms.

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