NovaTech Releases Augmented Manual Procedures v2

NovaTech announces the release of its Augmented Manual Procedures (AMP) software. AMP software combines digital procedures, mobile applications, analytics, and automation into an Industry 4.0-enabled, connected worker platform that helps manufacturers mitigate the risks and consequences of incidents caused by human error.

Based on patented NovaTech technology, AMP software bridges the gap between people, procedures and plant systems, ensuring the accurate execution and validation of manual tasks. In addition, AMP utilizes OPC-compliant communications, providing compatibility across disparate control systems.

Version 2 enhancements include:

  • Automatic execution of steps –fewer interactions are needed as the procedure is executed automatically, stopping at steps requiring operator attention
  • Enhanced plant connectivity – AMP can support multiple OPC connections, exchange data between ODBC-compliant sources, and display trends from an OSIsoft PI historian
  • Easier procedure configuration – the Microsoft Visio procedure writing add-in has been streamlined to include a table editor, flexible decision and answer blocks, and dialogs for configuring procedure step actions

For more information, visit NovaTech website.

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