MSC Apex Iberian Lynx Feature Pack 1 Released

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, Apr 26, 2019 – MSC Software Corp., a part of Hexagon, announced the release of MSC Apex Iberian Lynx Feature Pack 1, which augments the Iberian Lynx release with additional scripting capabilities to automate the creation of conceptual models for aerospace vehicles.

Aircraft conceptual design is a significant challenge facing aircraft manufacturers, where engineers start their work from a blank page. Efficient conceptual design relies on the capacity of the user to rapidly iterate on many design alternatives and explore trends before committing to more costly detailed models.

MSC Apex offers a unique solution by automatically generating many variants of a design to leverage its automation capabilities. The scripting capabilities delivered in Apex Iberian Lynx allow the user to create full vehicle models automatically based on user-defined parameters, pre-defined fuselage sections, and idealized representations of stringers, spars, and frames. Engineers can fully automate model import, partitioning, meshing, assembly connection, part attribution, scenario definition, execution, and post-processing.

With this solution, not only is it easy to customize Python scripts for various design purposes but also to capture engineering knowledge and connect to PLM databases to build an analysis-ready model for MSC Nastran.

The benefits of incorporating MSC Apex for the conceptual design of aerospace vehicles are multi-fold. It not only provides engineers a highly-efficient tool, but also reduces costs resulting from concept revision, manual design process, and potential human error.

“This novel environment, together with Apex’s proven world-class user experience, enables engineers to prepare full vehicle, internal load models, efficiently”, says Hugues Jeancolas, VP of product management at MSC Software. “This work is thematic with an ongoing initiative at MSC to bring simulation earlier in the design process.”

This MSC Apex Feature Pack release primarily targets engineers working on conceptual modeling of commercial/military aircraft, launch vehicles, and shipbuilding projects.

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