Morphi, Apple’s ARKit Unveil Interface for Augmented Reality

NEW YORK, NY, Oct 9, 2017 – Morphi, the simple, powerful 3D design application for iPad, Mac and Windows (beta) just unveiled a bright, new interface, improved features and integration with Apple’s mighty ARKit for enhanced augmented reality.

Click here to see Morphi + Morphi versions 3.0 with enhanced AR using ARKit.

Morphi is unique among 3D modelers because of its fresh approach to 3D design with a focus on touch, 2D to 3D tools, simplified CAD, a friendly interface and no barriers to entry like WiFi or passwords. Morphi has also made it easier for its users to connect the dots among complimentary technologies, including adding augmented reality earlier this year.

Sophia Georgiou, Morphi’s chief designer explains: “Morphi’s augmented reality viewer is an amazing creativity tool on its own. It is also a great compliment to 3D printing because users can immediately place, edit and perfect designs in different environments before deciding to fabricate it with 3D printing or other tools. By developing Morphi’s augmented reality features with Apple’s ARKit, we’re able to give our users a richer and more interactive experience with the designs they create in Morphi. They can now go around their designs and look inside them using their iPad if they have a device with an A9 processor or later and have installed iOS11. This is our initial integration with ARKit and in the coming weeks and months we will be adding many other AR features and improvements made possible by ARKit.”

Morphi users with devices without an A9 processor and/or not upgrading to iOS11 can still use Morphi’s existing AR tools, which have been enhanced in their latest iPad version with shadows, improved editing features and a screengrab button.

Over the past 2 months, Morphi has released a series of upgrades to Morphi (its free iPad app with in app purchases) and Morphi Edu (its identical paid iPad app with 50% volume discounts) to enhance and improve its existing 3D design tools as well as lay the foundation for Morphi’s continued expansion into emerging technologies like augmented reality.

These upgrades include:

  • Morphi v2.6 with advanced symmetrical drawing, improved 2D to 3D tools, resolution controls for curved shapes, obj file saving and file management with AirDrop, GoogleDrive, Adobe CC, DropBox and other popular cloud storage solutions.
  • Morphi v2.7 with a bright, new interface, streamlined toolbars and features and improved grid views and navigation.
  • Morphi v3.0 with enhanced augmented reality tools like shadows and improved editing, as well as integration with Apple’s ARKit allowing objects to snap to a plane so users can go around and inside 3D models. Tutorials for all Morphi’s tools are also accessible directly in the app.

Ms. Georgiou notes: “We believe in the power of people to create at any age and skill level. Morphi is a creativity tool for all. The changes we’re making will help make it easier and more fun for our users to visualize and evolve their ideas in 3D across many mediums, like augmented reality and virtual reality, 3D printing, animation, game design and even as 3D blueprints for creating with everyday materials, art supplies and found objects.”

There is more to come from Morphi by year end. In addition to working on deeper integration with ARKit and additional design tools and features for iPad, the team is busy upgrading their Mac and Windows versions so that the interface, 2D to 3D tools and navigation are similar to the iPad updates. An Android tablet version is still in active development and condensed versions for iPhone and Android phones are also in the works.

In addition, through their work with PreK-12 teachers and professional development workshops for schools and school districts, Morphi is equipping thousands of educators and students across STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) subjects to actively use 3D design in the classroom, including in Texas, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and New York.

Morphi has come a long way since their initial iPad release 3+ years ago. Morphi now has a global presence in 108+ countries across 6 continents. Mac and Windows versions are available and Morphi is being used for many purposes such as creating 3D models, inventions, prototypes and products, as a teaching tool for Maker education and STEAM/STEM, for stop motion animation, graphic design, virtual reality, augmented reality and more.

The app has amassed a large, diverse and dedicated following among artists, inventors, designers, beginners, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, tinkerers and anyone else wanting to create. Public projects made in the app are posted weekly on the Morphi app instagram page.

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