Merry Mechanization Updates SMP/IS

Selecting the Cross Posting Feature

The SMP/IS software helps sheet metal fabricators to optimize their operations and load their machines in the most effective way. A particular machine may be fully utilized because of a large order or because a large number of parts are being produced most efficiently on that machine. As a result, urgently required additional parts might have to be produced on another machine. The cross posting feature simplifies the transfer of a parts program and allows optimal machine scheduling while saving programming time.

The cross posting menu item can be selected from the main menu or from within the parts menu. When cross posting is selected, the application brings up a list of available machines. The programmer can select a machine and the software transfers the part program to the new machine. Depending on the capabilities of the new machine, the part can be ready for production or the programmer may have to make some adjustments. Cross posting can save substantial programming time since the part does not have to be re-created.

Changing Tools after Cross Posting

Sometimes the available machines don’t have the same tools as the machine for which the part was originally programmed. In this case, SMP/IS displays the part with color-coded operations. If the complete part can be produced by the new machine, all operations are shown as green outlines. If some tools are not available, the operations for those tools are outlined in blue. The programmer can see at a glance whether the part is ready for production on the new machine or whether some adjustments are required.

To change tools so the part can be produced on the new machine, the programmer can open the list of tools and select one that is available. For example, a half inch round punch may not be on the list, but the programmer knows that, for this part, a quarter inch round punch is suitable and can be selected to either contour or destruct the hole. The software adjusts the part for the new tool selection, and the programmer can proceed to make other adjustments if required.

SMP/IS Saves Time and Money

Merry Mechanization’s SMP/IS CAD/CAM Software application optimizes sheet metal fabrication for a particular machine and, with the improved cross posting feature, the software can help make the entire sheet metal operations more efficient, including going from dxf to gcode. As some machines become fully loaded, cross posting can help increase overall machine utilization and improve facility productivity.

About Merry Mechanization, Inc.

Merry Mechanization, Inc. (MMI), founded in 1979, is the creator and marketer of SMP/IS – sheet metal program / industry standard – CAD/CAM software. Over 35 years of experience makes SMP/IS the fastest and most accurate feature-based 3D or 2D modeler available—dedicated CAD/CAM software for professional sheet metal fabricators worldwide. MMI customers range in size from small custom fabricators to Fortune 500 multi-facility international corporations.

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