MAPAL Updates HPR400 plus

MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge has updated HPR400 plus. HPR400 plus now come with four cutting edges instead of just one as previously. Thereby optimal use of the cutting material occurs. MAPAL’s exacting standards in technical production guarantee that the indexable inserts with four cutting edges are manufactured to that high precision that it can be turned or changed easily on location by the customer’s employees. Insert stock levels can be reduced as a result. Reconditioning costs and the subsequent cost-per-part are also further reduced.

The indexable inserts in the HPR400 plus now come with four cutting edges instead of just one as previously.

At a Glance
  • Inserts can be changed by the customer on-site
  • Four cutting edges instead of one
  • Easy turning and changing of the indexable inserts
  • Cutting material is used optimally
  • No setting necessary
  • No transport costs to the manufacturer
  • Low WIP inventory and low reconditioning costs

About MAPAL Dr. Kress KG

MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG is one of the international suppliers of precision tools for the machining of practically all materials. The company founded in 1950 supplies customers from the automotive and aerospace industries and from machine and plant engineering. The company is represented with production facilities, sales subsidiaries and representatives in 44 countries worldwide. In 2016 the MAPAL Group had 5,000 employees, generating sales of EUR 575 million.

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