Kavi Global Launches Advana Live Machine Learning Tool

Kavi Global has launched Advana Live, an online live edition of Advana, its drag and drop machine learning tool for citizen data scientists.

Equipped with the latest Spark Machine Libraries, Advana is ideal for citizen data scientists through its:

  • Simple, menu-driven, drag&drop interface
  • Register & start using (no install/configuration)
  • Visual pipelining and model tuning
  • Auto integration of updates: never gets out-dated

Analytics teams currently leverage Advana to solve use cases like campaign lead generation, targeted price setting, customer segmentation, customer churn analysis, credit risk analysis, product recommendation, asset maintenance and reliability analysis, fraud waste and abuse prevention, etc.,

More information on Advana available at: advana.plexa.io

For more information about Kavi Global, visit website.

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