ITandFactory Releases CADISON E&I Designer

ITandFactory GmbH (ITF) proudly announces the release of its new AutoCAD based standalone product “CADISON E&I Designer” with the vision to provide an intelligent yet competitive solution for electrical engineers and designers.

The product plan for CADISON E&I Designer has been underpinned by a two-pronged strategy, to develop:

  • An intelligent tool which is easy-to-use and implement, yet which can integrate seamlessly with existing workflows
  • A practical, yet a cost competitive solution

Figure 1 Internal Circut Diagram

As an eminent market leader in the plant engineering space, ITF has played an active role in the E&I domain with an established product, CADISON (complete 3D plant design suite), geared towards the Process Industry. For over two decades we have been catering to many esteemed customers worldwide in the Electrical Industry. Our R&D team keeps working on the ground level with our E&I Users to understand what more they want from us, and how we can better serve them with simple yet innovative solutions.

“We had identified a white space in this market for an intelligent, feature-driven, custom-built and yet cost effective standalone solution specifically for the E&I Industry” said Ajit Joshi, MD of ITandFactory. “It is a comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-use solution based on the AutoCAD platform, where electrical engineers & designers don’t need to be dependent on multiple tools specific to their terrain,” he added further.

With release of CADISON E&I Designer, once again ITF has demonstrated the industry its readiness in responding to the market demand and industry benchmarks. This reflects on our continued commitment to accomplish our vision in every step we take.

Figure 2 How to work on Control panel Circuit Diagram

What makes CADISON E&I Designer ‘Smart & Unique’ independent solution?

Its development was based on a set objective i.e. equilibrium between time, quality and cost. It addresses the growing need for interoperability and real-time data integration in industrial enterprise environments intelligently. CADISON E&I Designer is a one of a kind product in the market with an inclusive solution for intelligent schematics, controls design, 3D cable trays & panel layouts, conduits & trenches, cable scheduler, sizing calculations and automated reports generation (BOM, MTO, Lists, etc.)- as one bundled solution. Unlike other tools, it brings Electrical Design and Instrumentation into one solution with a simple drag and drop UI which saves time, reduces errors and makes it easy to adapt.

Its intuitive interface automates complex tasks, such as contact cross-referencing and terminal drawings. Also, all 2D and 3D designs and data/information are integrated throughout the project lifecycle (one of the top listed concerns of the industry). Engineering efficiency in the Process Industry often gets hampered due to repetitive revisions which result in erroneous deliverables and project delays. With CADISON E&I Designer, the users have the capability of Quality Check via “Logic Analyzer” and Revision Control & Change Management, which helps in defining the check routines and quickly update any changes or modification for error-free deliverables and on-time project completion. Thus, it improves the overall design quality, quickens turn-around time, shortens time-to-market, and enhances process efficacy. Create all types of Electrical Design and perform Project Planning effortlessly, in an intelligent and automated way.

Figure 3 – Revision Management

To know more about its capabilities and features visit its exclusively designed website and Get an Access to Free Trial now.

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Short description of CADISON E&I Designer:

  • Innovative AutoCAD-based solution for intelligent Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) design, documentation and project life-cycle management
  • Ubiquitous AutoCAD based interface that can easily integrate with existing work-flows
  • Intelligent symbol library with more than 2000+ Electrical and Instrumentation symbols
  • Enhanced interoperability & real-time data integration
  • Intelligent and efficient workflows at a fraction of the cost
  • Enhanced Cable Scheduler function for cable length and fill factor calculation
  • Flexible & scalable tool with automatic (multi-formats) report generation capabilities
  • Engineering sizing calculations as per IEC standards, 2D & 3D Panel layouts and GA extraction

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