IronCAD 2018 Released for 2D Drawing

ATLANTA, GA, Dec 22, 2017 – The 3D CAD platform of choice among metal fabricators and custom machinery manufacturers, IronCAD has added a game-changing bulk drawing feature for detailers to its 2018 release. With IronCAD 2018’s Bulk Drawing Creation, detailers can save countless hours spent transforming 3D views into 2D drawings and sheets by using predefined templates that automatically create the foundation for downstream production drawings. Dozens of 2D drawings can be effortlessly and rapidly generated from assembly files on demand, tremendously reducing the number of hours spent preparing drawings for detailing.

Fabricators and machinery manufacturers will also benefit from the 2018 release’s security and productivity enhancements created specifically for collaborative design workflows.

IronCAD’s new Shrink Wrap feature makes engineering data available for collaboration while protecting the specifics of the intellectual property by creating outline shapes for assemblies, reducing file sizes, and restricting access to distributed design data. Using IronCAD’s Shrink Wrap system, designers can safely share solid model data with stakeholders so they can leverage it in other applications (e.g., form/fit evaluations).

A more lightweight web view provides a method for sharing 3D visual data via web browser. This function produces a secure non-solid geometry that can be accessed and commented on by broad, non-technical audiences.

Performance improvements to IronCAD 2018 include:

  • Expedited graphical interactions that lets users handle large assemblies more dynamically in 3D (e.g., high-speed rotation)
  • Streamlined interface that improves access to many common commands and reduces mouse click

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“IronCAD has always been the solution of choice for fabricators and machinery manufacturers, providing fast and efficient methods for moving from design to production,” says Cary O’Connor, vice president of Marketing at IronCAD. “The 2018 release helps our core customers achieve a whole new level of productivity by giving them tools for expediting the transformation of 3D to 2D and facilitating stakeholder reviews — important features for today’s design processes, which demand both increased collaboration and shorter lead times.”

About IronCAD

Based in Atlanta, Ga., IronCAD is a leading provider of 3D design productivity solutions that deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and productivity. Individual components of this solution can be used standalone, complementary within an existing design environment, or can be used together to collaborate effectively throughout the enterprise to extend productivity. IronCAD’s flagship product IRONCAD has won many industry awards for its innovative technology and leads the industry in its ease of use and design productivity. Thousands of customers worldwide use IronCAD to support their success.

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