Inventhub Unveils Collaboration Tools

for Electronics Hardware Industry

SAN MATEO, CA, Mar 26, 2021 – Inventhub, a platform for securely managing and collaborating on electronics design data, is excited to announce a set of tools which provide an improved way for hardware companies to manage their PCB design projects and allow early collaboration on the data of those projects.

2020 has been a challenging year for the whole world. Against this backdrop, Inventhub has seen an acceleration in remote work and with that, processes have evolved to allow for a new wave of change to take place on how we collaborate and work in various industries. With the focus on the hardware industry, especially the electronic design industry the process to go from proof of concept to production needs improvement.

With the new tools and with the emphasis of enabling borderless development in the hardware electronics industry, Inventhub wants to partner, standardize and bring more visibility in the hardware product development process. Inventhub helps in lowering the barrier to entry for early professionals and new companies. The platform helps current companies to optimize processes and accelerate product development by cutting down cost with a centralized solution consisting of all the tools needed to gain insights into the engineering data and allowing less ambiguity and more confidence in production ready products.

Tools and their benefits include:

  • Visualization and Discussions on PCB Documents: The design view of a PCB document on the platform helps in bringing a shared understanding where everyone has access to view, discuss and understand the document and its data. Inventhub supports visualization on formats such as Altium Designer, EagleCad, KiCad (more coming soon)
  • Git based version control and tools: Having one database is a single source of truth which allows everyone to work from the same single database that is updated with every change from everyone who has access to it. All data is accessible in a centralized and secure cloud space. The information is visible to everyone instantly with its history.
  • Access controls and sharing engineering data: Inventhub wants to help make it easy for the reusability of documents with multiple stakeholders. Organization access controls on the platform enable team based collaboration and sharing the latest version of the document and having access controls on top of it helps in early communication.
  • Release management and Manufacturer Space: Easily Create, Manage and share a release by marking a point in history of a version controlled project. A manufacturer space is provided in addition for accessibility of project and design data. This helps to communicate production details easily to external stakeholders.
  • Bill of Materials: Smart BOM brings a design-to-cost development approach. Create, edit and keep your bill of materials updated with every change in your project. With smart supply chain integration, find prices, generate cost estimates, get parts availability all in one place. This synchronized integration lets your team use the right parts and enable your procurement team to have up-to-date information at every stage.
  • Components Library Manager: Inventhub wants to make it easy to manage components libraries and their life-cycle in centralized cloud storage. This gives teams and organizations easy access to trusted reusable assets and adding supply chain integration on top gives designers and procurement teams to see real-time/up-to-date component life-cycle data, pricing and availability.

“With the change in consumers’ needs the ability to manage complex problems, make decisions and innovate across internal and external boundaries is more important than ever. Hardware industry is a clear example for this, as with the rise of IoT, Robotics and 5G technologies, we need modern tools and accelerated workflows to empower today’s engineering workforce. With collaborative tooling we are looking to help cut down the time wasted on non-design/non-engineering work and let innovation happen at scale,” says Usama Abid, Inventhub’s CEO.

About Inventhub

Inventhub is a platform for collaborating and managing electronics design data that provides enthusiasts, professionals and businesses of all shapes and sizes the tools and resources to create production ready hardware products in an accelerated fashion. The powerful set of features helps scale from a basic project creation to a fully integrated management and collaboration platform to help in ushering borderless development. Inventhub is a remote first company, led by Usama Abid and Usman Maqsood, with a team of 10+ people consisting of a diverse group of passionate people, with a shared vision for the future of hardware tooling and the unrelenting drive to release that vision. This vision is backed by Fatima Gobi VenturesDraper University VenturesWalled City Co. and a couple of angel investors.

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