Graebert Introduces ARES Touch for iOS

GraebertlogoBERLIN, Germany, Oct 13, 2016 –​ Graebert the pioneer in developing high-performance CAD solutions across desktop, mobile and cloud, announced the first version of a breakthrough mobile CAD solution for iPad and iPhone, to be released in Q4 of 2016.


ARES Touch is a professional application designed to read, create, modify or annotate technical drawings in the popular DWG format. The Android version was privately released to select Graebert customers at the end of 2014 and was introduced on the Google Play store this year. The ambition of ARES Touch is to offer mobile CAD users the same level of performance and features they are used to on their desktop computers with professional CAD software.

Cedric Desbordes, sales & marketing executive at Graebert commented on the motivations for an iOS version: “Graebert is happy to introduce the iOS version that was announced at our last Annual Meeting. With the iOS version we will not only satisfy the Mac users of ARES Commander – our desktop version – but also the expectations of all the CAD professionals who use iPads and iPhones. Some of our large customers have already purchased thousands of iPads and look forward to using our solution in their CAD workflows. This is especially true in Japan, where ARES Touch has generated a tremendous amount of enthusiasm.”



At its Annual Meeting, Graebert also explained how ARES Touch is an integral part of a unique “Trinity of CAD” with three DWG-based CAD solutions interconnected to offer a unique user experience across desktop, mobile and cloud. The ARES CAD software family share a common subscription, allowing the same user to work from several computers (ARES Commander for Windows, Mac or Linux), mobile devices (ARES Touch for Android and iOS) and the cloud with the upcoming ARES Kudo.

ARES Touch is also completely customizable for large accounts and major developers. Powered by a custom API, it supports programming languages such as C++ Tx, DCL or Lisp, which allows developers to add workflow-oriented features and facilitates integration with other systems. Graebert’s mobile version also supports Mobile Application Management, which offers IT managers the possibility to deploy the application to many users via Mobile Device Management solutions.

The iOS version of ARES Touch will become available in the Apple Store as Graebert will release ARES Commander 2017 for Windows, Mac and Linux end of November. It will come at no additional cost for the users of ARES Commander for the duration of their subscription. Licensing options for ARES Commander offer the choice between an Annual Plan or a Perpetual license. The perpetual license of ARES Commander includes a renewable one year of subscription. Non-subscribers will also be able to get ARES Touch from the iOS Store and will benefit from a free trial with all features enabled.

After experiencing the full capabilities of ARES Touch within the time-limited trial, non-subscribers can purchase a license from Graebert or continue to use the application in a free but limited mode. The free version will include both viewing and sharing capabilities, plus a complete set of dimensioning tools; while the subscription unlocks the drawing and editing features as well as the insertion of pictures or voice to annotate drawings.

At the Graebert Annual Meeting, Graebert also announced that Japanese customers will benefit from early access to the iOS version of ARES Touch starting at the end of October 2016 through the iOS Store, while the rest of the world will benefit from general availability at the end of November 2016 with the release of ARES Commander 2017.

The release in Japan is synchronized with the release of a Service Pack for the Windows version of our partner JDraf. Graebert commented that this early release is aimed at rewarding the enthusiasm of its Japanese customers and beta testers.

About Graebert

Graebert is a leading developer of CAD software, solutions and services. They are recognized as a true innovator in the CAD industry and have more than 30 years of expertise. Their DWG-based CAD systems were the first to run on Windows, Mac and Linux. Graebert is also a pioneer in mobile CAD technologies on Android and iOS. Most recently, Graebert announced ARES Kudo, a full DWG-based CAD platform for the Cloud.

Graebert‘s product portfolio is anchored by the ARES CAD software – a powerful suite of DWG-based CAD software for desktop, mobile and cloud – which also enables developers to create standalone CAD applications. Overall, millions of professionals use their CAD technologies in more than 100 countries. They also specialize in building surveying software and services. The SiteMaster line of “as built” surveying solutions, as well as worldwide surveying services are included under Graebert‘s iSurvey brand and division.

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