EnvisioneerVR Smartphone Companion App Released

cadsoft_envisioneer_logoGUELPH, Canada, Jan 19, 2017 – Cadsoft Corp., an international developer of home design software, has released the next level of VR integration for their Envisioneer suite of software products. Envisioneer, known for cutting edge VR integration, has added a companion application to the Google Play Store – Envisioneer VR. This new App allows anyone to view immersive 3D scenes created with Envisioneer on their smartphone or Google Cardboard device.

This completes a full spectrum of Envisioneer virtual reality integrations, from the consumer-friendly Google Cardboard environment to immersive and interactive experiences available with Oculus and HTC Vive hardware on the Envisioneer platform.

“With the introduction of the EnvisioneerVR smartphone companion app, Envisioneer users can now create and share fully immersive VR scenes from their designs with anyone. By providing support for the entire spectrum of VR devices from smartphones to installations like VRstudios, Cadsoft truly provides “BIM for Everyone.” says Raymond Groothuizen, director of development for Cadsoft.

Find Envisioneer VR app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cadsoft.google.cardboard&hl=en.

For more information on Cadsoft, please visit www.cadsoft.com.

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