eNET QC Status Dashboard Launched for Machine Monitoring

The eNET QC Status Dashboard is a locally-hosted software the works in conjunction with eNET Machine Monitoring to increase visibility and accountability throughout the QC Department for your QC first-piece inspection process. This customizable dashboard was created, tested and perfected through a close partnership with eNET Machine Monitoring Customers. It is fully interactable on any touch-screen, and is designed for a large-screen display in the QC department.

eNET QC Status Dashboard

If desired, the QC Manager can also display a seat of the QC Dashboard on his desk computer, for increased department visibility. When (QC First Piece) is scanned at a machine, that job will immediately be time-stamped and will blink on and off on the QC Dashboard to catch the attention of any available QC Inspector. That job will remain in the (QC First Piece) status until the Inspector interacts with the job on the QC Dashboard and changes the status to (QC In Process).

An automated email or text notification can be sent to the QC Manager from the eNET Machine Monitoring software if a machine remains in the (QC First Piece) status for a predetermined length of time. Once the first-piece inspection is completed the Inspector simply changes the status on the dashboard to (QC Approved) or (QC Failed).

eNET’s Machine Monitoring software can also be setup to keep a machine waiting on a first piece inspection locked in setup-mode until the job’s status has been changed to (QC Approved). Once an Inspector changes the job status to (QC Approved) all of the live eNET Machine Monitoring dashboards will also change the job status to match, and the Operator knows he then can begin running production for the job. The first cycle run by the machine after a (QC Approved) status change, will automatically put that job into “production” mode in the eNETDNC Machine Monitoring software, and cause that job to be removed from the eNET QC Status Dashboard.  Made in the USA.

About eNET

eNET provides DNC, machine monitoring & data collection to the manufacturing industry for over 25 years with resellers throughout North America. For more information about eNET, please visit www.enetdnc.com.

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