Cradle CFD v2020 Released for Simulation

OSAKA, Japan, Nov 25, 2019 – Cradle Software, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division, announced advanced new co-simulation and post-processing capabilities that make it easier for any engineer to analyze multi-physics problems and mixed fluid-particle interactions.

Cradle CFD blends state-of-the-art with practical tools that deliver real, tangible value to customers.

Available from today, the Cradle CFD v2020 suite comprises scSTREAM (structured mesh) and scFLOW (next-generation unstructured mesh) Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology. Cradle has been helping customers analyze complex real-world multi-physics problems pragmatically by combining innovation and open cosimulation with its powerful scPOST postprocessor and through doing so has achieved one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry today.

New aero-acoustics simulation in Cradle CFD v2020 makes it easy to analyze flow-induced noise in scFLOW by seamlessly connecting to the Actran acoustics simulation software through a dedicated plugin. It enables the user to simulate aeroacoustics such as the noise from a car door mirror in a single software environment without learning to use acoustics software or spend time coupling systems.

Noise from Door Mirror calculated by scFLOW2Actran

Another significant development adds Discrete Element Method (DEM) to CFD and thermal dynamics within the scFLOW environment, reducing the complexity and manual work required to simulate fluids with particles. For example, optimizing the energy and water usage of a washing machine. Using the new DEM feature, it is possible to evaluate heat transfer and filtering in isolation, or combine it with CFD analysis and other physics types.

Conveyer and Washing machine simulations calculated by DEM and CFD coupling

Integration with system modeling software is enhanced. Building on the open Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) integration already provided, Cradle now connects directly with more 1-D simulation tools. This enables customers to model complete products including electrical and mechanical subsystems in conjunction with the software’s built-in thermodynamics. Customers can easily map the heat transfer between electrical components using Cradle’s HeatPathView tool to visualize these multi-physics intractions. For example, providing optimization of heat routes in consumer electrical goods to enable system-level decision making with Maplesim or other 1-D simulation tools.

Flow chart from HeatPathView to 1-D Model

Cosimulation with MSC Software simulation solutions including MSC Nastran, Marc and Adams have also been enhanced to rapidly generate high quality static and dynamic visualizations in scPOST. Cradle, and all MSC Software products including Actran can be accessed through the MSC One token-based licensing system so it is easy for anyone to access and use any tool to produce more realistic multi-physics simulations.

Combined visualization of FEM and CFD by scPOST from MSC CoSim Engine Results

scPOST also makes product and engineering design reviews more accessible for designers, customers or business management. Any simulation through video export, virtual reality or interactive 3D models.

“We provide Cradle CFD solutions in the spirit of crafting a Japanese KATANA sword : In another words, we aim to offer the most accurate, expertly crafted solutions for CFD calculations.” said Makoto Shibahara, Software Cradle president and CEO. “Our solution is not limited to CFD but embraces open interfaces and all the CAE solutions in the MSC Software portfolio, which will lead to smarter simulation, for more practical and realistic results.”

Cradle v2020 is available from today. For more details, please visit:

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