LMI Acquires FocalSpec

LMI Technologies (LMI) has announced the acquisition of FocalSpec, an innovative optical metrology company based in Finland that designs and manufactures patented Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) products. LMI’s parent company – The TKH Group – will acquire 100% of the shares of FocalSpec. The company will be integrated into the LMI group of companies and the LCI products will continue to be sold under the FocalSpec product brand.

FocalSpec LCI 1220 confocal sensor

Off-axis, line confocal design uses a white light source, and reflection of “orange” and “blue” wavelengths from the high and low points of an object (top and bottom respectively) are mapped to specific pixels on a camera.

FocalSpec LCI sensors leverage a unique optical method based on lateral chromatic confocal scanning that is mounted off-axis to simultaneously capture 3D topography (surface geometry), 2D intensity (surface contrast), and 3D tomography (scanning multiple layers beneath a transparent surface) at sampling speeds up to 27M data points per second. No other vision solution on the market combines this level of speed, precision, and multi-modal, multi-layer imaging capability.

The acquisition of FocalSpec expands LMI Technologies’ smart sensor portfolio of laser profilers and structured light snapshots with patented confocal technologies. Together, our scanning and inspection solutions lead the industry in solving challenging applications across a variety of markets such as consumer electronics (CE), battery, pharma, semiconductor, and medical.

For more information on FocalSpec LCI products, please visit www.focalspec.com.

About LMI Technologies

LMI Technologies offers 3D measurement with smart sensor technology provider. FactorySmart sensors improve the quality and efficiency of factory production by providing fast, accurate, and reliable inspection that leverages smart 3D technologies.

For more information, visit www.lmi3d.com.

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