CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 Released

OTTAWA, Canada, June 21, 2017 – Introducing CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017, the latest version of Corel’s comprehensive software suite designed to meet the needs of technical illustrators. Based on the industry’s most powerful graphics suite built specifically for Windows, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 offers an impressive collection of unique tools specifically designed for the technical communicator’s workflow. With industry-leading support for popular 3D CAD formats and technical standards, improved projected drawing tools, enhancements to translation workflow support, and much more, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 is ideal for technical-oriented industries including manufacturing, aerospace, engineering, and architecture.

“With CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017, technical communicators receive a dramatically updated collection of applications to streamline virtually every aspect of their work. Get the dependable power CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER are known for, plus seamless compatibility with your CAD files, support for technical standards, and comprehensive drawing and illustration tools. This new suite gives businesses the features they need to tackle any project, on time and on budget,” said Klaus Vossen, senior product manager at Corel.

CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 offers an impressive collection of new capabilities to speed and simplify the technical communications workflow:

  • Enhanced! Isometric drawing tools: Create isometric or other parallel projected technical illustrations for assembly and maintenance instructions by dynamically drawing on a projected plane. Obtain greater precision and exactness with powerful UI controls.
  • Enhanced! Boundary tools: Now it’s easy to extend curves to create closed shapes from imported drawings – ideal for correcting errors originating from legacy CAD files that are missing the required accuracy.
  • Enhanced! 3D import and visualization tools: Add context to your technical projects by using 3D views and models in your technical illustrations. With the integrated Lattice3D Studio Corel Edition 2017, create high-quality renderings from 3D views imported from DWG, 3DS, and now IGES. Then easily transform these 3D views into vector illustrations using the built-in Send to Corel DESIGNER or the new Send to CorelDRAW feature.
  • Enhanced! Translation Memory System (TMS) support: Enhanced XLIFF export and import make it easier and more cost-effective to create technical graphics with descriptive text in multiple languages.
  • New! Customizable User Interface: Customize your environment to the way you work best. Enjoy flexible desktop color scheme options, alter the color of the area surrounding the drawing page, and even customize the color of window borders. Plus, import legacy workspaces from Corel DESIGNER (X6 & X7), as well as CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT (X6, X7 & X8).
  • New and Enhanced! File format & standards compatibility: Work and share with confidence using enhanced support for technical publication standards and formats, including WebCGM, S1000D, ATA iSpec 2200, SVG, and PDF, Adobe CS/CC, and more.

Featuring a new customizable UI, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 enables you to tailor your environment to the way you work best.

CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 also includes new graphic design capabilities and support for the latest hardware and devices, based on the power of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017:

  • New and Enhanced! Design tools: Improve your technical graphics with a large collection of dedicated illustration tools. Explore the many possibilities with objects, such as the hide and display feature, or the ability to split vector objects, text, and bitmaps. Take advantage of enhanced node selection, copy curve segments, and a choice of node sizes and shapes.
  • New! High-DPI display and multi-monitor support: Author your technical communication projects on high-definition monitors, including Ultra HD 5K.
  • New! Pen support & Touch Workspace: Improve your drawing capabilities with new device and tool options, including support for advanced stylus and touch-enabled devices like Microsoft Surface and Wacom tablets, as well as the Microsoft Surface Dial. Take advantage of a new Tablet Mode to sketch and annotate on the fly and make quick adjustments using touch or a stylus.
  • Enhanced! Professional image-editing power: Ensure the photos included in any documentation have the professional look you need. Use the advanced Straighten Image to correct perspective distortions with a few simple clicks. Discreetly remove unwanted spots and imperfections from any image with the Healing Clone tool. Eliminate unwanted areas with Smart Carver and obscure parts of images with Gaussian Blur.
  • New! Revolutionary LiveSketch tool: Transform the creativity of free form sketching into precise vector curves. Using the power of artificial intelligence, LiveSketch adjusts and combines your hand-drawn strokes to existing vector curves, allowing you to sketch and design on the fly. Offering an experience with the natural feel of pen and paper, LiveSketch eliminates the time-consuming task of sketching on paper, scanning, and tracing to vector.
  • New! Corel Font Manager: Explore, handle and organize fonts to satisfy all your typeface needs. Browse and search for fonts, preview font glyph sets, create font collections, and more.

Technical illustrators can work and share with confidence thanks to industry-leading support for popular 3D CAD formats and technical publication standards.

CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 Includes:

  • Corel DESIGNER 2017 – Precision illustration and technical design
  • CorelDRAW 2017 – Vector illustration and page layout
  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2017 – Professional image editing
  • Corel PowerTRACE 2017 – Bitmap-to-vector tracing
  • Corel Font Manager 2017 – Powerful font management
  • Lattice3D Studio Corel Edition – 3D visualization and authoring
  • Corel CONNECT – Content finder
  • Corel CAPTURE 2017 – Screen capture
  • PhotoZoom Pro 4 – Plug-in to export and enlarge digital images from PHOTO-PAINT

Lattice3D Studio CAD Add-On

Expand your 3D capabilities with an optional Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition add-on, giving you access to advanced authoring tools to leverage 3D CAD data. Create a wide range of technical documentation and marketing collateral from manufacturing designs. Updated Lattice3D Studio CAD supports native assembly and part file formats for high-end 3D CAD systems such as CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, NX, Inventor, PTC Creo, and more. Publish animated 3D visualizations as a 3D PDF or Lattice3D file format for instant sharing and publishing via online and mobile.

Businesses can choose from two flexible purchase options:

  • Perpetual License: Make a one-time payment and license the product permanently; available as a box or download version
  • Subscription: Pay a monthly or annual fee to use the product; upgrades to the latest version are included as long as your subscription is active

CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 also gives perpetual license customers the option to sign up for the Upgrade Program, a maintenance option that enables them to pay one affordable yearly fee and be assured of working with the latest design tools, file compatibility, and most current technology. Active accounts automatically receive the latest version when it’s released.

Accounts can take advantage of volume licensing options and maintenance, which offers benefits including network deployment and virtualization.

Availability and Pricing

CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 is available now in English, French, German, and Japanese. Pricing for the full version is $999 (USD) and the upgrade version is $429 (USD). Subscription licenses are available for $360 (USD) a year – the equivalent of $30 (USD) a month. For more information, or to purchase, please visit

About Corel

Corel is one of the world’s top software companies, boasting some of the industry’s best-known graphics, productivity, and digital media products. We’ve built a reputation for giving customers more choice and delivering solutions that are easy to learn and use. Our mission is simple: help people achieve new levels of creativity and productivity.

Corel’s product lines include CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Painter, PaintShop Pro, VideoStudio, MindManager, Pinnacle Studio, ReviverSoft, Roxio Creator, Roxio Toast, and WinZip.

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