Comau to be Included in Shanghai Smart Mfg Suppliers

Shanghai Municipal Committee of Economy and Informatization organized the Shanghai Smart Manufacturing System Solution Supplier Recommended Directory (hereinafter referred to as Recommended Directory) in order to deeply implement the smart manufacturing “Ten-Hundred-Thousand Project”, nurture excellent smart manufacturing system solution suppliers, accelerate smart manufacturing applications and industry developments, and effectively support the manufacturing industry transformation.

After receiving companies’ applications, industry experts did evaluations and assessments of four dimensions: company growth, demonstration, integrity and innovation.  Comau has been selected from hundreds of companies to be included in the first batch of smart manufacturing system solution suppliers.


System solution suppliers who apply to be listed in Recommended Directory should fulfill the following conditions:

  • focus on design, production, installation, commissioning of smart manufacturing;
  • have the capability of system solutions to provide products, services and systems integration;
  • their main business income in smart manufacturing is over 50 million yuan per year with a yearly growth rate above 15%;
  • have influence and growth in one to three major industry areas;
  • have customers who are market leaders;
  • have integrated solution capabilities from proposal design and engineering implementation to operation service;
  • actively explore new service models and mechanisms to accelerate the application of smart manufacturing.

Comau’s smart manufacturing solutions include easy to use solutions, added-value solutions and human robot collaboration products. Comau envisions the factory of the future as continuously improving productivity through smart technologies and adopting easy to use automation solutions that increase safety and better working conditions.

For more information, visit Comau website.

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