CAD Exchanger v3.9.1 Released

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, Russia, Jan 13, 2020 – CAD Exchanger announces the release of CAD Exchanger 3.9.1 – a toolset for 3D CAD software developers and end-users.

CAD Exchanger 3.9.1 features:

  • 3D PDF import
  • PRC import
  • USDZ export
  • Rhino import plug-in
  • Windows Forms support

3D PDF import 

3D PDF is a PDF file with an embedded 3D model, which can be rotated, zoomed, and explored in a variety of ways. CAD Exchanger 3.9.1 enables 3D PDF import: to view and convert files to 20+ other 3D formats and to develop CAD apps with embedded geometry visualization.

PRC import 

PRC is a file format used to embed 3D data in PDF. It is more feature-rich than U3D, supporting NURBS geometry, PMI, and better mesh compression. Since version 3.9.1 PRC import is available for GUI users and software developers.

USDZ export 

USD (Universal Scene Description) is a format created by Pixar for 3D scene data exchange between animation professionals. Now CAD Exchanger supports export to all three available variations: .usda (ASCII encoded, human-readable text), .usdc (binary-encoded) and .usdz (zip-compressed). It allows to display 3D models on AR-enabled devices and to incorporate this technology into CAD apps.

Rhino import plug-in 

3DM is an open-source native format of Rhino software, which is used for the exchange of NURBS and polygon geometries. Since 2021, CAD Exchanger offers a plug-in that enables the import of 25+ CAD formats directly into Rhino.

The scope of CAD Exchanger Rhino plug-in includes, but is not limited to, several neutral (JT, Collada, IFC), kernel (ACIS, Parasolid), and native (Siemens NX, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS) formats, that are not initially supported by the package itself.

Windows Forms Support 

Windows Forms is a graphical library included, along with WPS (Windows Presentation Foundation), into Microsoft .NET Framework. Starting with version 3.9.1, the visualization module of CAD Exchanger SDK can be used to display highly interactive 3D components in C#/Windows Forms-based applications.

Other highlights

Free Android application

Now users of CAD Exchanger Android mobile application can view, explore, and convert models into a wide range of CAD formats without any in-app purchases.

Colors of product structure elements

CAD Exchanger 3.9.1 enables the display of colors attached to product structure elements (bodies, instances, assemblies) of CATIA and Parasolid models.

Unity plug-in improvement

CAD Exchanger 3.9.1 features edit mode support, an import progress bar, and an increased import speed. The testing of several models showed that the improvement grows in proportion to the file size: the 50 Mb model was processed 63% faster, while the acceleration for 145 Mb was 84%.

Format-specific improvements

  • Parasolid 32.1 import and export support
  • Creo V6 and Creo 7 import support
  • CATIA geometry improvements

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