BIMobject Releases BIM Content Creation Manuals

MALMO, Sweden, Jan 17, 2018 – BIMobject releases two guides, BIMobject Content Style Guides, for digital building product creation to encourage standardized, high-quality BIM content in the industry. Forming the first two parts in a series, the guides describe ideal content creation for the BIM software Autodesk Revit, as well as for the company’s world-leading platform for digital building products, the BIMobject Cloud. The platform is also where the guides are available for download by registered users.

The purpose of the BIMobject Content Style Guides is to provide a practical, implementable process document for BIM content developers in order to further standardized content creation and ensure sufficient, high-quality data and consistent presentation across the AEC industry (architecture, engineering, and construction). This will in turn benefit BIM users in their work processes, and manufacturers, whose digital building products are more likely to be specified for real projects when created according to the guidelines. The guides will also contribute to maintaining high content quality across the BIMobject Cloud, further improving the user-friendliness of the platform.

The guides will help content developers create usable, standardized, future-proof and life cycle-optimised BIM content that can be used in different parts of the BIM process, and is easy to update and maintain in the BIMobject Cloud. Coming guides will cover content creation for other industry-leading BIM software, such as Graphisoft ARCHICAD, and the company’s own solution for parametric BIM content creation, BIMscript.

“Publishing the Content Style Guides is a unique opportunity for us not only to update and complement the existing Revit guide after having acquired the Autodesk SEEK platform, but to share knowledge gathered from over thirty years of digital content creation for the construction industry. We’ll offer concrete guidance for content developers all over the world who want to make sure that the content they create is what the industry wants,” says Ben O’Donnell, CTO at BIMobject.

The guides can be downloaded for free from the BIMobject Cloud after registration at

The BIMobject Content Style Guide for BIMobject Cloud is available here.

The BIMobject Content Style Guide for Autodesk Revit is available here.

About BIMobject

BIMobject is a Swedish technology company with a global presence operating at the forefront of digitalizing the building industry. BIMobject provides a cloud-based platform and powerful technology to make digital product information available for building information modelling (BIM), allowing its use early in the building process for visualization, specification, and analysis. The platform collects valuable data that streamlines the construction industry throughout the product lifecycle. More intelligent design and construction lead to better product selections, reduced waste, and more efficient logistics during the building process. At the same time, property management benefits from higher quality, improved use of energy, and lower operating costs.

Today, BIMobject operates in a number of markets and has a global growth strategy. The company’s offerings include development, hosting, management, and publishing of digital versions of manufacturer products: BIM objects. Its customers are building and interior product manufacturers who market their products via the BIMobject Cloud. The user base consists primarily of architects, designers, and engineers, who access the BIMobject Cloud through CAD/BIM-applications, apps, and web services. The BIM objects are integrated into a detailed model of the building, which increases the chance that the real products will be selected for purchase.

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