Bentley LumenRT CONNECT Edition Available

Bentley_NewlogoBentley Systems announces the availability of Bentley LumenRT CONNECT Edition, to speed and simplify the creation of enlivened environmental context for infrastructure projects of any size. Bentley LumenRT differs from traditional offline rendering software and delivers an always-rendered immersive experience more typical of gaming environments. Built for infrastructure projects, Bentley LumenRT allows project teams to clearly communicate design and construction intent with very real and enlivened environmental context.

The rendering engine in Bentley LumenRT CONNECT Edition now provides improved smoothness when displaying scenes of any size, making it ideal for road, rail, utilities, and other large-scale projects. In addition, there are significant performance improvements when working with large models that include many instances of the same object, like railroad ties or guard rails.

Key new capabilities include:

  • New traffic authoring tools that enable the rapid creation of multi-lane traffic animations with adjustable traffic densities and additional vehicle types, including articulated trains and trucks;
  • Animation staging that allows individual objects to have animation paths with adjustable start and stop times, enabling specific sequences to be visualized, which is particularly useful for simulating construction sequencing;
  • New tools for content creation including a content eraser brush, improved material editor, and the ability to attach sounds to individual objects;
  • An updated user experience with new layer and object hierarchy tools;
  • Enhanced integration with MicroStation.

Users will benefit from Bentley’s continued commitment to interoperability with newly added API integration with:

  • Revit 2016 and 2017
  • ArchiCAD 20
  • Esri CityEngine 2016
  • SketchUp 2017
  • UTF8 languages

Neil Stewart, contract manager of the CH2M Fairhurst Joint Venture, said, “From the experience of our A9 Dualling project team, we have no doubt that using Bentley LumenRT and ContextCapture 3D visualization models has been a tremendous step forward in communications and stakeholder engagement. We believe these models will become the norm for major projects in the future.”

Santanu Das, SVP, design modeling with Bentley, said, “Bentley LumenRT’s real-time visualization environment, scalability, and ease of use puts the ability to clearly and compellingly communicate complex design and construction ideas within reach of virtually any AEC professional. This update builds upon these strengths with even greater performance and productivity enhancements so design teams can get visualizations done faster, and more projects can benefit from Hollywood-caliber visualizations.”

About Bentley LumenRT

Bentley LumenRT is for any infrastructure professional needing to visualize enlivened designs within a realistic environment in order to more quickly and clearly communicate winning design ideas to project stakeholders. With Bentley LumenRT you no longer have to be a computer-graphics expert in order to integrate lifelike digital nature into your simulated infrastructure designs, and create high-impact visuals for stakeholders. This revolutionary real-time visualization medium is easy for any professional in the AECO industry to use and powerful enough to produce stunningly beautiful and easily understandable visualizations nearly instantly.

About the CONNECT Edition

Introduced in 2015, and with general access to Bentley’s full portfolio of applications becoming available in 2016 and 2017, the CONNECT Edition represents Bentley’s next generation of infrastructure engineering software. CONNECT Edition provides a comprehensive modeling environment, a connected data environment, and a connected performance environment, leveraging the accessibility and computing power of the Microsoft Azure cloud, and supporting a hybrid environment that includes on-premise servers, desktop applications, and mobile apps. The CONNECT Edition extends the reach of information mobility for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure.

Learn more at CONNECT Edition.

View and Download Related Images:

  • Image 1
    Image 1 Caption: Bentley LumenRT now includes a variety of additional articulated vehicles like trains and trucks, which more realistically move along curved paths.
  • Image 2
    Image 2 Caption: Users can confidently produce visualizations of models of unprecedented scale, exceeding tens of millions of polygons.

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