Beckhoff Announces AMP8620 Supply Module

Beckhoff Automation has announced the AMP8620 supply module. The AMP8000 Distributed Servo Drive system provides support for the implementation of modular machine concepts. With the AMP8620 supply module’s IP 65 protection rating and consistent decentralization, the entire motion system can now be mounted directly on the machine.

While coupling modules reduced the requirements for connecting distributed AMP8000 drives to the control cabinet to one cable, the cabinets can now be eliminated when using the AMP8620 supply module. Air conditioning equipment, which would otherwise be necessary to cool control cabinets, can also be eliminated.

The AMP8620 module connects directly to the mains supply. It contains all circuitry required for that purpose, such as mains filters, rectifiers and charging circuits for the integrated DC link capacitors. The supply module enables the connection of additional distribution modules or distributed AMP8000 Servo Drives. It is also equipped with two EtherCAT P outputs, which can either supply EtherCAT P modules or connect to additional supply modules that may be required for motion system expansions. The safe 24 V power supply unit integrated in the supply module ensures that the logic power supply does not exceed the permissible level. The DC link capacitors integrated in the supply module store the regenerative energy of the entire system and then make it available again for acceleration processes.

For more information, visit Beckhoff Automation website.

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