AutomationDirect Ships Wengler OPT2022, OPT2023 Color Sensors

AutomationDirect has introduced Wengler OPT2022 and OPT2023 color sensors. Wenglor color sensors from AutomationDirect select color objects in automated processes based on previously defined reference colors. The sensor pulsed white light is insensitive to extraneous light and makes color recognition possible at varying scanning distances.

Applications include detection of color markings on print marks, labels and packages; color object sorting; verifying color values for painting operations, and spectral measurement of colors in printing processes.

The Wenglor OPT2023 color sensor is capable of evaluating up to 3 colors simultaneously. Single lens optics allows this sensor to have a small spot diameter and large working range.

The Wenglor OPT2022 12-color fiber-optic amplifier is a multispectral sensor with 12 switching outputs for detailed color analysis using spectral measurement in ROYGBV color space. Integrated LED technology ensures adjustment of light intensity and evaluation of measured values even with distance fluctuation. Sensor settings are selectable on the built-in graphical display. The OPT2022 sensor can operate in diffuse (reflective) as well as through-beam mode.

Four Wenglor OPT series plastic and glass fiber optic cable options are available for use with the OPT2022 amplifier.

For more information, visit AutomationDirect website.

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