ams Introduces AS6500 Time-To-Digital Converter

ams introduced the AS6500, a time-to-digital converter (TDC) featuring CMOS inputs and packaging for use in space-constrained applications.

TDCs from ams can measure time intervals as short as 5ns with 10ps precision. The AS6500 is based on the existing ams TDC-GPX2, and offers resolution up to 10ps on four channels and a sampling rate of up to 1.5Msamples/s.

The AS6500 TDC, like the TDC-GPX2, is an integrated four-channel converter IC offering single-measurement resolution of up to 20psrms per channel in normal mode, and 20ns pulse-to-pulse spacing. Operating in dual-channel high-resolution mode, it can achieve a maximum resolution of 10psrms with 5ns pulse-to-pulse spacing.

The AS6500 is housed in a 40-lead QFN package with a footprint of 6mm x 6mm, making it 56% smaller than the TDC-GPX2. Its integrated design, which includes a 2MHz-12.5MHz reference clock input, means that few external components are required alongside the device.

Operating from a 3.3V supply, the AS6500 typically consumes 60mW in normal operation, and draws 60µA in stand-by mode. It supports CMOS interfaces from a host system, and provides its calibrated output as a digital signal over a standard serial peripheral interface (SPI), for data processing in a host controller or processor.

The AS6500 is suitable for optical applications including general-purpose laser distance measurement in 1D, 2D and 3D, speed control, vehicle/truck scanning, object recognition, time-of-flight spectroscopy, automated test equipment (ATE), biomedical technology and analytics.

ams supplies a development kit, the AS6500-QF_DK, which includes a programmer and GUI software for PCs, enabling users to configure and connect their Start and Stop signals and begin taking sample time measurements within minutes.

For more information, visit ams website.

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